Monday, 14 September 2009

Down Under

Once you've gone down the hole,
you can never come out.
By the Grace of Almighty,
you probably won't have
to walk on fire or charcoal
or whatever it is that melts the
soles of your feet leaving you
feeling numb.

You probably won't be going anywhere after this.
But if you're up to feeling pain, you probably
will get your foolish feet stepping and start gliding.

Here on out, it gets worse. You might get
eaten by this brown, slimy, bug-eyed beast
with this big head that walks on all fours.
Of course, it doesn't have a name.
It's not like anyone has come back
from the dead to share it with us. We'll
call it Fluffy. You'll only
get to see its hideous face IF it
doesn't eat you alive first.

If you get this far, the Almighty loves you.
Of course after this, you probably
won't survive.

The final stage is where this gray-haired
lady wearing this black lacy gown will probably try
to kill you. Here's the weird thing. Shes wearing a green
cloak. Here's another weird thing. She's beautiful.
It's like seeing Angelina Jolie all over again in this hell.
She'll row the boat across the water
and then try to drown you. Of course, if you've
done some good things in life. You probably won't drown.
The most you'll get is blue and most likely puke.

If you made it past the lady,
you're probably a saint or a pure kind-hearted

Now you're probably wondering, how
do I know all of this?

It's because I'm down under. About to
be killed by the gray-haired lady.

I'm no pure, good kind-hearted soul.

I'm the lucky Devil.

With magical powers that killed those
ugly things I named or so-called named


And I survived to tell you this short tale.