Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Lying Game Book 2: Never Have I Ever

Emma might have just landed herself right where she needs to be and wants to be, which is close to finding out the truth about her sisters murder. With The Twitter Twins constantly trying to get her attention, the killer is sending her threats about stop digging or she'll be next. Emma thinks that the Twitter Twins are the killers because of what happened to Gabby (one of the Twitter Twins) on the night of the train track lying game. However, Emma finds out something completely unexpected and also finds someone completely unexpected at the end of the second book.
If I say anymore, it will destroy reading the second book, so I'll leave the summary at that. The second book opens up a whole other door, and Emma's attraction towards Ethan is getting stronger. Now that Ethan knows that she's not Sutton, they both have teamed up to find out who killed Sutton. 
 I must add that reading the books make me feel like I'm reading a completely different story than what I'm watching on ABC family. I prefer the books over the television show in any given day. Also the books make more sense as far as the story is concerned than the show. The show focuses more on the drama than the actual story. I would have loved seeing The Twitter Twins in the show and the books. I wish TV would stay true to the books.  

Emma is definitely the opposite of Sutton. However, after her death, Sutton is realizing just how horrible she was. Emma's character is strong, and she makes some great decisions. After Emma took over Sutton's life, things have become better around the Mercers house. A lot of Sutton's friendships have improved and Ethan is secretively making his way into Emma's life. However the tension still remains, and the killer is still loose. How long before the killer makes Emma play Never Have I Ever truthfully?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Lying Game Book 1

Hey Everyone!

It's the start of the new year and I have read my first book of the year.

I know I'm a little late, and I apologize. I have been real busy trying to get settled in my new place and new town. Then I had to find the library in my new town and that wasn't easy but I finally found it. It was wedged in a corner and hard to find, but its great. It's bigger than the library I use to visit in my old town. Oh, the ultimate bliss of discovering the library. Now let's get started with my first review of the year.

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard had me spooked last night. I kept thinking that there was somebody watching me too just like Emma. I am still spooked whenever I pick up the series. The author doesn't give the readers a chance to relax. Emma is plunged into one danger after another. There is always someone to be weary of because this person might be a suspect in her twin sisters murder and there is always something going on that keeps us at the edge of our seats.

Yes, The Lying Game hit TV series is based off of these books, and let me tell you the books are 360 degrees better than the show. The show leaves so much out and adds so much unnecessary drama that its lame. In the book, Sutton is dead and is inside of Emma watching, hearing, and seeing everything through Emma's eyes. Emma doesn't know that Sutton is inside of her. The killer lures Emma into Sutton's life and tells her that she has to pretend to be Sutton and if she doesn't, she dies just like her sister. Now Emma is trying to find her sisters murderer before she gets killed just like her sister.

I love the dual personalities of the twins. Emma is sweet and Sutton is dangerous. However, now that she is dead, Sutton is starting to realize just how horrible she was. I also love how there is so much suspense created around Sutton's friends and family because the killer could be anyone because of the games Sutton played and the way she treated everyone. I also love Emma's character. She is real sweet and kind. She could have just relished the fact that she has family, friends and a great life, but she didn't. She doesn't want her sisters life. She wants to find out who killed her sister whom she never saw.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be spooked and freaked. I recommend this book to anyone who always thinks that maybe their friends don't like them as much as they think they do. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks that the Lying Game is a great series, but they wouldn't want to take any part of it because they would not want to end up like Sutton.