Thursday, 18 November 2010

Found: A New Exciting Adventure

I have just started reading Found by Margaret Haddix Peterson and she has me under spell now. The book will hook you right from the start. You will eat and breathe the book once you begin it. The prologue will capture in its palms and you won't be able to escape until you don't finish the series. Check out the book and the series. I guarantee a good read.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I am swamped with assignments and trying to breathe sanely.
I am swamped with constant puffs of breaths that keeps blowing my way.
I am swamped with phrases running all over my brain.
I am swamped with murmurs ringing in my ears.
I am swamped with books in front of me.
I am swamped with pencils in my hand.
I am swamped with school on my mind.
I am swamped in a pile of paper.
I am swamped with computers.
I am swamped in distaste.
I am swamped in books.
I am swamped.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Freaky Green Eyes

This would be my first Joyce Carol Oates and I enjoyed it. Freaky Green Eyes is about a girl named Franky who has sports star father with a bad personality. I mean he's not that bad, but his temper is off the chart. Franky finds her parents going their own ways and sees a divorce coming, but then suddenly her mom comes up missing and finds that her dad and his temper might have something to do with it, so now she has to serve her mother justice instead of being loyal to her father.
Freaky Green Eyes will have you wanting to read to the end with her simple yet evocative writing. Mrs. Joyce Carol Oates builds suspense with her words, interviews and journals in the story.
Even though we all might have heard of a story like this everywhere including the newspaper, Mrs. Oates adds a new layer to this story with her mother's sisters and mother's friend, so readers are not thinking, "Oh another story about a suspicious husband killing his wife who is loving and loyal to him." No. Mrs. Joyce Carol Oates writes no this is not that story. Its the story of a girl who has a messed up father and a great mother but can't seem to decide who is right and who is wrong.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read and a different point of view in life.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Birthday Week

My 25th birthday was special. My good friend, Anastasia, had come over to celebrate my birthday with me. We went to the Hilton Head Island and spent a day there under the sun, by the beach, in the water and with a special friend. Nothing can be compare to that. Of course family is something, but if your parents work then this still good. Plus there are perks in going with friends too. Well pass and go this topic and we can talk about my birthday.

My first stop was the beach. I was caught unprepared without any merchandise and wear for the beach. It was good that Anastasia had prepared some things otherwise we would be sweating under the sun. Still the sun did not stop us from having fun.

I remember her dragging meinto the water. I did not want to go into the water first, but then when I went into the water. I was glad. Of course I don't know how to swim so couldn't exactly float in the water, but feeling the weight of the water surrounding my feet. It felt no less than walking through sand or more like dragging your feet through sand. It gives you a great leg workout. Who says that water is light? They should try walking through water and avoiding the tides for those who can't swim and those who have ever entered the water for the first time. They know what I"m talking about. When I came out of the water, my legs still felt heavy from the water. I didn't think I could get up off the sand for a while and it was real stroke of luck that the wind was cool, so I had fun letting the wind play with my hair. Well the reason I had to come of the water was because I was starting to feel sick and nauseated. I don't think I could have gone further into the water without passing out or vomitting. Still the experience was exhilarating and thrilling too. I would not mind going through this experience once again.

My trip did not end here. There is more, but you will have to wait until next time.

'Til next time

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Struggle

I don't think I will be continuing this series. Its a love triangle and I don't see any vampire stories. I know there are better vampire stories out there than this.

All I will say is if you like two vampire brothers fighting over a girl then this is the story for you.

Now I will also say that at least Twilight has a vampire story in the background and not just the romance stuff.

But yes, to this interested:

This story is getting heated up and now that Elena is dead things are going to get even up spicy. And here's another cayenne pepper on top: she loves Damon now and Stefan is doing the thing he did not want to do. Drink human blood. So if you're reading this book then yes things are getting spicy and might want to have some water with you to drink to cool yourself off.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


I just finished watching Boys Over Flowers, which is a Korean drama and found the story mind sweeping and entertaining. Its one of those romance stories that make you think its not possible, but then... yes its one of those stories. For girls, it keeps you glued to the story 'til the end. Its not like Twilight since there are no vampires but its more realistic in a sense and the story is anything but boring. I wouldn't say boys shouldn't watch it. Infact, I think the boys should watch it because of the four main boys in the story. I know that there is one person in there that boys can relate to.
When I started to watch this, I didn't want to stop watching it until I reached the end, so I sat down and watched it 'til I didn't finish it. I had to do that in order for it to not haunt me because I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't finish watching it.
The story does not ramble on and there are no parts in it where it would make you think okay moving on because each sequence in the story is important for the story to move on forward. I would say that their separation might have been too long and then the amnesia thing in the last episode left me thinking that maybe they won't get together, but they did. It ended happily ever after.
I loved how the writer had so many different characters in this story. Its like making spicy rice where the author is adding all these different flavors to make the story more interesting and the actors do a good job of portraying the characters. I think they do a better job than the Japanese version.
To conclude, I would recommend this show to everyone. It is worth your time watching and you should read the comics before or after you watch the show. Things will make some sense when you read the comics since this show is based off of the japanese comics, Hana yori dango or boys over flowers. I just watched the show and in the process of reading the comics. I normally don't read comics, but this show compelled me to read the comics. I would say you should keep an open mind if you don't like comics and read this one.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My apologies

I apologize for not posting anything. I don't know the identity of my readers. I will try again to post much often as possible and I am expanding my posts, so there is nothing one thing I will be posting. You could see book reviews, fiction works, poetry works, and much much more. Thank you for those who do read my posts and I appreciate your support. I will continue to post and you keep you entertained and maybe, possibly informed.

Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

I don't know how many of you guys have stepped into the world of vampire fiction, but I have just taken a step into it and I am not happy with the first vampire book I have picked up.
I am reading The Vampire Diaries right now and I see a romance story with good characterization and I could say plot, but the problem I have now is with the plot. I see a romance story here instead of a story, story about vampires. I don't mind the romance aspect of the plot, but I would like to see more of the vampire story come out. I would like to see more about Katerina, Damon and Stefan. I know the love triangle is important part of the story, but Stefan and Damon are vampires so I would like to their vampire sides more and perhaps be introduced to more vampires. I don't mind seeing the brothers family and see someone else crop up in the story since the brothers have been around since the fifteenth century. It would sure add more depth to the story.
I have to say though it still does absorb the reader into the story and the progression is not bad, but I'm saying this based upon reading The Awakening. I would say it is worth reading at least once, not more than that if you don't enjoy the books completely. Then again those people who are enjoying the romance story and the story the way it is written then by all means go ahead and read away. Go buy the books. But those who are looking for real stories I would suggest reading once and moving on.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Laugh at me!

Lady A: what's it with girls and vampires?
Lady B: Edward Cullen.
Lady A: I think its the fact that the boys look pale, so its adds sexiness.
Lady B: I think its their blood.

I am trying out jokes. Tell me how they are. I am posting my first joke. I don't intend to offend vampires, if they are reading my blog.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


As my time nears, I find that each passing second become hours. I stand behind the counter with my head of my hands pondering about whether I should go to graduate school or not. I have spent time preparing for the admissions and have taken those devilish GREs, yet my mind refuses to cooperate with my decision that my heart has made. My mind asks, "are you sure you want to let go this good job that you have now that took you months to get?" My heart says, "well we have to move on. She has a goal to reach." Who is right? My whole body is in turmoil.

This is another voice behind these two that says, "you shouldn't go to graduate school. You and I know that graduate school is not made for you yet. You still need to practice. Besides to become a novelist you don't need graduate school. You need a top-notch manuscript that says publish me."

"That's true." Both say in unison. Now both of them are thinking. Of course, my mind is dancing the salsa because there is another voice that agrees with her.

Now I am in a turmoil because I did say preparing. I didn't say that I applied or anything. I have all the papers with me all I have to do is put the finishing touches on it and sent it out even though my GREs are looking so good. I have never been the one to take standardize tests, so I think thats why my heart says, "concentrate on your writing. You are determined even enough to learn on your own. Besides there are so many ways to become a better writer and published without going to graduate school."

Now my mind and that voice are becoming stronger and is dominating my mind. They do have to right to dominate because I am working at the job of my dreams. In a way, I feel like I have fufilled my quest and have reached it peak.

For years, I have yearned for the smell and multi-colors of the books. Having to be surrounded by books, touching the covers and pages, looking at the words typed across the head, that is my dream. That is what my soul has been yearning for and now it has reached that goal. I was 7 when I started to dream about becoming a librarian. A 7 year old girl who would walk into the library and imagine she was one of them stocking the books and scanning the books. This 7 year old girl has tried and tried to get the job of her dreams and has now achieved that and does not want to let it go. Her works are friendly and the customers are as much as enthusiastic about books as she is. What better way to live then to live the life of your dreams.

Now tell me, who would not be confused if they were living the life of their dreams?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat is what I have heard and up to some extent that is true. Just by seeing a person, you can tell what kind of foods he or she eats to keep that body in whatever shape it is in. Consider an obese person walking down the street who has to pick up their leg everytime they walk. This causes the person to walk slower than any normal person because one they have all that extra fat and two both their thighs collide. Anyone passing this person by would think he or she has two left feet. Automatically, you would think this person is eating sweets, potato chips and all sorts of junk food all day long to keep all that fat on their body. This is true. This obese person can change by switching to a more healthier lifestyle by adding physical activity to their life and eating healthier foods. What we eat impacts our whole life, so shouldn't we try to change the whole concept of 'You Are What You Eat?'

Think about the time you wake up. Those who think of food the first moment they wake up has food on their mind all day long. This person can change that by thinking about something else like God. Starting your day off with a prayer or something else besides 'whats for breakfast today' can keep your whole day on track. Away from all the junk food to sticking with 3 meals a day and snacks in between if you so desire.

Plan your meals in advance. Know that you will have a healthy pizza, salad, or sandwich for lunch. There are so many healthy recipes online. Take advantage of those websites. You can also do this for dinner too. Soon you won't even notice that you are changing your lifestyle and those pounds will melt off in days and months. Who knows maybe in your next Christmas party people will see the new you.

Be active. I know for a fact that a bored mind is a devils mind. Some people eat because they are bored just to keep them preoccupied. Find a hobby. Bicycle. Paint. Draw. Write. Read. Play an Instrument. Hang out with friends. Doing something keeps your mind off of food. Then when you hear that stomach growling, that is your signal to eat.

These tips help me when I'm trying to become healthy and lose weight. I find these tips useful and I hope you find them. My blog will now be a variety of things ranging from tips on anything that have helped me to book reviews to stories and poems. To those who have been reading my blog, thank you.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Arthur and the Forbidden City

Arthur and the Forbidden City follows Arthur and the Minimoys by Luc Besson who takes us back to Necropolis where Arthur is stuck having to find the treasure that is needed to save his grandmother's house.

Luc Besson takes us on an exciting adventure with Arthur as the protagonist, Princess Selenia his love, and Betameche her brother pinned against Maltazard, our villian who wants to dominate the whole kingdom and have the treasure for himself. The book starts from where Arthur is still with the Princess Selenia in their kingdom trying to get to Maltazard who has the treasure that Arthur needs to rescue his grandmother. Arthur is brave and witty, but at times one would think he is too much for his age. The boy is not but ten years of age and understands flattery where he uses phrases and words that one would think would belong to more of a mature child. Nevertheless this adventure is like a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. Well suited for a child of Arthur's age, it will make one want to sit down and hope that all ends well.

The setting, characters and plot are not boring and it doesn't make the reader want to read ahead to see what happens at the end. I must also add that the ending somehow makes sense even though I would have wanted a happily ever after. The ending truly makes one want to read the book again. Well-crafted story that I think everyone should read.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It's been quite a while since I have written a word on this blog and I apologize for leaving my readers hanging in such a short time. I didn't leave by choice I left by this ill-will that attacked me in December, November, or perhaps a later month. This ill-will had taken over my soul, heart, mind, and body. It came over me like a blanket, that blanket that covered me head to toe and still was able to breathe. I fought this ill-will for a long time and now have come back powerful and strong. I will not let anything stand in my way. Not even this literature that is my enemy.
I know that literature should not be my enemy, but I do not enjoy it at no degree. I do enjoy Children's Literature and I do read that, but not the other kind. I must also say that I try to pick up a work of literature sometimes and read it, but I do not manage to finish it. I know I am a writer and literature should be my friend, but lets just say that literature is not my true enemy. It's that enemy that harms my soul and heart, but not my mind. I do read it because I learn from it and if its good I enjoy it; otherwise, I put it down.

Now that I'm back, I would like to leave some tips for those writers who have blocks.

1: Read a book that has inspired you to write. For me, it was the Spiderwick Chronicles, books by Avi, Misfits Inc., R.L. Stine, Deltora Quest, and many others. Sometimes a movie or a television show inspires to write stories. Go watch them. Then after you have read that book or watched that movie, write something. Anything. Just to get those words flowing.

2: Write whatever comes to your mind. Write anything. Everything. It could be repeated words such as, "I am blocked. I am blocked. I can't think of anything to write..." this could help you overcome those hurdles that are blocking the tracks from your heart to your fingers. Keeping you from writing.

3: Do something else. Garden. Read. Watch movies. Watch television shows. Hang out with your friends. Keep yourself away from writing for some time. That will give you space to see how much writing matters to you. It will automatically bring you back to your keyboard or pencil after some number of days away from the thing that matters to you the most in your life. This tip has worked for me. It has never gone wrong.

4: Think about what drives you to write. Ask yourself: why do I write? What brings me to this keyboard? This pencil? What makes me pour my mind and heart onto this screen, this keyboard, and leave me feeling relaxed. Simply just think about why you wanted to write in the first place. That should get something jogging.

Hope these tips help you as they have helped me in the past and hopefully will help me in the future. Thanks!