Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Kate and Mary are two sisters who love and care for each other more than anything in this world. Kate is the smart, talented and the oldest one. Mary is talented and loves to paint just like her mom. Both grow up in a perfect home with a mother and father. However, a couple of years later the sisters father dies unexpectedly and mother was already in a vegetative state before his death. Now all the responsibilities fall on Kate, but Kate just got accepted into Stanford. The university that her mother wanted her to go to. Now Kate must decide whether she should stay back and take care of her mother and sister or go to Stanford and fulfill her and her mother's dream. 

The sisters relationship in this novel is real touching. Readers will continue to read this book wanting to know what Kate decides because we know that she is caring and not heartless. Kate does come off as heartless and selfish, but she isn't. Kate is the most 3 dimensional character in this novel. Mary is somewhat of a quiet character. She speaks up when her aunt decides to think Kate is heartless. I wasn't impressed with Mary, but Kate is definitely interesting. She grows a lot in this novel. The author definitely works on Kate and makes her a character worth taking the time to see how she grows at the end and tackles some real tough decisions. 
This book hooks the readers right from the prologue. Readers will want to know what Kate decides; even though, we know the answer is obvious. A real gripping and heartbreaking read where the readers are hurled into a laundry full of boys, faith, hard decisions, love and growth. Time tests these girls where they have to decide what they want to do with their mother and what to do when they find out they will lose their home. The author will take the readers on an emotional coaster ride where it stops at an ending that was unexpected. This book deserves to be picked up and read knowing that you won't stop until you don't see what happens at the end.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Girls Don't Fly

Some girls just have it hard. They have to juggle school work, part-time jobs, boys, drama at school, and more drama with boys. Myra is one of those girls who has that on her plate and more. Myra is a smart, pretty and hard working girl. She is also known as a doormat. She does everything you tell her to do. The first love of her life dumps her in the beginning of the story, but later become a rival in a competition for a trip to the Galapagos Island. Myra also has to babysit her 4 younger brothers and work part time as well, but then her older sister comes home pregnant and left behind by her boyfriend and that complicates Myra's life even more. Moreover, the competitors teacher, a grad assistant from a local university, has his sight set on her. He thinks Myra has the potential to win this competition more than the others. Now Myra is more determined to get out of her house and fly by winning this competition.
We don't see these kind of people as senior high school students, usually characters like these are parents, college students, or someone else, but not a high student. The strong characterization and intense plot really pack a punch in this story. There isn't a single moment in this book where your mind will wonder or your eyes will droop. You will constantly be rooting for Myra to get through her day and win that competition so she can sock it to her ex boyfriend. You will say at the end that girls can fly and they can fly high.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Wherever you go

When you hear the title wherever you go, I am sure you are thinking stalkers or something, but this story is far from a story about a girl who is being stalked. Sure Holly, the protagonist, is being stalked by her boyfriend Rob, but the thing is this guy is dead. Rob died in a car crash, and now is haunting her because he wants to tell her something but can't find a way to communicate with her. Then he discovers that her grandpa can communicate with him, so Rob starts talking to him. However, Jason, Rob's best friend, comes into Holly's life and now he is in love with her. Rob must deal with Holly moving on, and Holly must deal with taking care of her family,  having a shot again at romance and having her dead "ex" boyfriend try to communicate with her as well.
This story is told in three different point of views. One from Rob, the second from Holly, and the third from Jason; even though, Holly is the main character of the story. The plot of this story develops quite well because we get to see Holly recovering from her grief of her losing the love of her life while dealing with a new guy in her life. She also has so many responsibilities at home that it does not allow her to really focus on her own life as well. We also get to see Holly, Rob and Jason grow as people as well. All three learn valuable lessons of life at the same time moving on from the past and embracing a new and possibly a better future. A highly recommended read because this book will have you taking it wherever you go until you don't see the end of it.