Monday, 19 November 2012

Between Shades of Gray

I didn't know what to expect from this book. When I picked it up, I didn't want to finish or read it. I thought it was going to be sad and disturbing to read and I was right. It was worse than what I had imagined. These people were treated terribly and in this time period, during World War II, I bet this was exactly what happened. In Between Shades of Gray, we follow Lina's life as she shares with us what had happened to her and her family during World War II.  
Lina had a great life with her parents and brother, but one day Soviets burst through the door taking everything she loved with them, including her family. Her father was never heard from again and her mother, her brother and herself kept praying that he was alive.The Soviets tried to kill her brother. That very day, Lina realized that her brother's life was worth a pocket watch. Lina and the rest of the Lithuanians are deported across the world into a place where they are suffering from malnutrition, worked hard and do not have a clue as to the whereabouts of their husbands or fathers. The Lithuanians go through terror as they struggled to stay alive. For Lina, she finds hope and love in Andrius who seems to have taken a liking in her. Throughout the novel, Lina hopes that she can stay with Andrius and see her father again.
Lina was a courageous and brave character. I applaud her bravery in many scenes in this novel. She risked her life many times to feed her family and save her self-respect. However, she is more like her mother. Her mother is just as courageous and brave as she, but her mother is more kind and gentle than Lina. All in all, I admire Lina's character for sticking through these tough times. She sets a fine example that any obstacle, no matter how big or small, can be overcome and that love does endure. 
What I also liked about the novel is that we get to see Lina's life before and during the war. We also get to read a real live letter from Lina at the end of the novel because the author did write this story based off of a real girl named Lina. We also get to read about the authors origin and how much she researched to bring the stories of what to these people and what they  had gone through. This is a work of fiction, but there is a grain of truth behind this novel as well such as Lina, Andrius, and some of the others, but out of all of the people who went through this, Lina's voice broke the silence of history.
I appreciate the author writing this book and I hope she continues to write more. I also hope there is a sequel to this novel as well because I'd love to read what happens to Lina and her brother after that doctor came to help them.


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Monday, 15 October 2012

New Title

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I just changed the title of my blog, and boy do I love it. I will not be changing my title again. Please leave me comments on what you think of my new title. I will also be changing the link of my blog as well to so do keep up to date with me. I will give you all some time to read this post and jot down that link up above, and then change it by the end of this week. So exciting! I hope you enjoy the title as much as I do, and I hope it inspires you to pick up a book and discover the amazing things it has to offer.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote

Oh, great children's books. I just love reading children's books. They are easy to read and fun. 
Amelia's personality is vivacious. She loves to have fun and comes up with creative ways to do things. In this book, Amelia Bedelia's class gets to vote on a rule that will be enacted in class. However, the class ties and then an absentee vote comes in from a classmate that helps break the tie. We also see Amelia running into things and hurting herself, not intentionally, but she keeps running into others.
It's a great story for children especially those who want to know how to be fun and creative like Amelia. I highly recommend reading these books to everyone because everyone can learn from Amelia.

Best Friends Forever

It took me a while to write a post because I never really finished reading this book by Jennifer Weiner. Best Friends Forever just wasn't a book that I wanted to finish reading. Sure there is some conflict between Addie and Valerie. Their friendship needs repairing, and the story is written quite well too. It's told from different perspective's, but I just couldn't find a reason to care for Addie, nor Valerie because Valerie dumped her best friend in high school. She humiliated her in front of the whole cafeteria. I didn't care for Addie either because she never got over it. She never tried to find strength within herself to move forward and forget her so-called best friend. Sure after her mother died, she lost all the weight and got her degree, but I wished Addie would have done something cooler like build a better life for herself instead of just sitting at home and painting. It's like Valerie bought out the 'let's do things' side of her. I don't know. As a character, I didn't like Addie. I know there are people like her in this world, but its that kind of story that I don't like reading. People like Addie's lives are too boring. 
Now the way the story is written is good. The author does put some time into crafting the story and telling it from different point of views. I find this kind of storytelling interesting.
However, the way the story is crafted, the plot and the characters do not interest me. I wanted to find out what happens in the end, but I didn't care enough to finish it. I wanted more action and a character who wanted to overcome her obstacles in her life. This is my opinion. I have nothing to say against those people who did enjoy this story because reading stories are up to the person and their preference. 
Now here is what I've read so far about this story, Addie grows up with her parents and her brother. Her parents both work from home. She doesn't have a really redeeming life and doesn't do anything interesting, but then Valerie moves in with her mom, and all of sudden those two are great friends. Valerie brings out the lets do things side of Addie. However, Addie says that she does all the things with Valerie because she doesn't want to lose the only friend she has here. Then the other perspective in this story is that they both have grown up and are working. Valerie hurts Dan who hurt her in high school, so she comes to Addie asking her for help, and Addie still helps her even though she doesn't want to because of what Valerie did to her in high school. The other perspective in this story is that the police officer's wife divorces him because he just couldn't make her happy anymore. They both had failed in having a baby and in that their relationship failed too. This is where I stopped. There was too much going on and little focus. It's a steady paced story and I like fast moving plot with loads of action and conflict.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Revenge of the Wannabes

Massie is a good friend. 

I didn't realize how much Massie cares for her friends until this book. Those who she likes and can make it into her circle are loved by her. However I must say, she really does like her crown way too much. She cares way too much about being the IT girl than just being a good friend. Nevertheless, this is Massie Block and she is who she is. 

In the Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie sees her crown slipping when Alicia decides she wants to be the alpha and not the beta. Claire finally gets into the Pretty Committee and her friendship with Massie is stronger than she could possibly ever dream of. Everyone's secrets are out in the open and Alicia gets cut from the Committee, but then Alicia forms her own clique with Olivia that will rival Massie's. But does Alicia's clique have what it takes to beat out Massie's? Will Alicia become the next IT girl crushing Massie's crown? 

The story started out strong, but got a little boring in the middle. I found it a little boring because half the time I was expecting Claire to find out that Massie was just jealous that Cam didn't like her, but that didn't happen 'til the end. I was also expecting Massie to compete with Alicia in seeing whose clique is better, but that never happened. It just went about the girls lives. The only good that happened was Kristen's secret was revealed to the girls. It started out strong and ended powerfully. I was going to drop the book but didn't because I wanted to know if the girls get back together and find out if Claire gets Cam, but I did like the ending and was left with a feeling of wanting to be a part  of their group.

I would definitely recommend reading this book because in order to see the girls are evolving  one must read all the books in the clique series. Yes, the girls are evolving and changing and its mostly Massie that I have noticed. Let me know, if you think any of the other girls have evolved as well. Revenge of the Wannabes pits the real clique against a wannabe clique and shows us that not everyone can be a part of the Pretty Committee because there is one Pretty Committee and if anyone tries to form their own the Committee will have their revenge on the wannabes. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My, oh my. Wendy is in love with Loki. Goodbye Finn, hello hot and sexy Loki. Gosh, Wendy is lucky.

Wendy is now married to Tove and ruling her Trylle like a queen because her mother is sick. Also now Wendy has learned that she has to kill her father in order to restore peace back to her kingdom because he has just wiped out a part of her kingdom. She also attempts to make peace with her father just so he will stop this bloodshed. Moreover, Wendy and Finn are officially over. 

Wendy surely has grown a lot since she got to Trylle. She has taken over her role and has found her love as well. She is willing to sacrifice herself to keep the peace in her kingdom, but no one is willing to let her sacrifice herself in order to maintain the peace. Wendy has gotten stronger as well and has made great decisions in life. I respect Wendy now more than I did before. 

We also got to see a softer side of Elora, Wendy's mother. She has shown more affection now than before since she knows she's dying, so Wendy and her mothers relationship has gotten stronger as well. Elora is no longer cold or anything. I understand Elora and why she was behaving like that with Wendy before. She's a great mother and I hope that Wendy can rule like her mother and possibly better. 

While I expected more in the last battle, I still found the plot of the story well plotted. I did want to see more action and see more of Wendy's powers since she was suppose to be strong, but all we got to see was her use her power to make her father cower in fear. Still, the story had a nice ending and I found that her choice of Loki was great because Finn couldn't give her what she wanted. Finn also found his love as well. I hope that Amanda Hocking continues to write more because I will definitely read her books.

Monday, 24 September 2012


I am just devouring these series. I have read Torn in a day. The Trylle series is addicting. Make sure you have time on your hands if you decide to pick up this series.
I have changed teams. I am now on Team Loki.

I love Loki's character. He's flirty, mischievous, and has the personality traits that Finn doesn't have. Loki has guts, spunk, and character. He makes any girls heart race and smile. I looked forward to reading Loki more than Finn because Loki isn't giving up on Wendy and it seems like Finn is. Loki makes Torn real interesting because Torn is full of training and let downs. Loki is great, and I know he will get Wendy in the end because he's willing to take the risk and fight for Wendy. 

Finn, on the other hand, has been a disappoint. I can see their relationship crumbling. All that is left of  Wendy's and Finn's relationship is kissing and making out. What a shame. Finn hasn't fought for Wendy. He's too duty oriented to do anything. Not that its a bad quality but it seems like Finn wants Wendy and if he wants her, he going to have to fight for, but he doesn't. He just stands there and gets jealous when Loki flirts with her. 

Torn takes everything up a notch. For one Wendy has gotten mature, and she learned a great deal about her mother and father. She is also training with Tove to become a powerful Trylle and Vittra since she has both bloods in her. Finn is not fighting for Wendy anymore, and nor is he encouraging the relationship. He's taken a step back, but at the same time Loki has taken a step forward and is now flirting with Wendy. He has broken  into the palace just to see Wendy. Wendy's got her maturity when she learned that she is the only one who can bring her father down and stop him creating utter chaos. The stakes are now much higher and Wendy has to make a decision that is good for her people, but she is Torn between Loki and changing and crumbling feelings for Finn.

I am now on Team Loki because I must admit I'd love to flirt with him if I was in the book.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I read this book in two days. I will say up front that it is a recommended read for those people who want fantasy, romance, adventure and some action.

Wendy doesn't have anything redeeming going on in her life. She has this creepy guy staring at her and she get people to do things even against her will with just constantly repeating she wants this person to do. But Wendy's life changes. Soon this creepy guy who has been staring at her, starts talking to her. Her brother and her aunt are shocked. Wendy actually has a guy interested in her. However, this guy is here to take her back because to her real parents because Wendy is not your average teenager and there are many people after her who don't look too friendly. Now Wendy has found out her true identity and is not happy because her real mother is a cold and cruel woman who has not yet hugged her lovingly. 

I found the pacing of this story pretty good. There wasn't one boring moment in this story. I was constantly thinking I hope Wendy and Finn have a happy ending in their love story because of this new complication. I am all on Team Finn. The author has done a splendid job in creating the characters as well. Matt is her host brother and he is the dream older brother that any girl or guy would want. The people at her real home are all real nice as well, besides her mother and another older man who just seems a little perverted at the ball. However, Finn comes in and saves the day. What a hero!

Finn is also the hot, dreamy guy any girl would want. He sweeps Wendy off her feet and makes out with her. He is also well build and looks great in a tux, but he is also a bodyguard and a great one at that. He protects Wendy at any cost, even his life. He is there for her whenever she needs saving. He has never left her side, and this makes for also a great relationship between them as well because Wendy feels protected in his arms just she does in her brothers. Finn is a great guy but he does everything the Queen says and this does bother me alittle and it does Wendy as well. 

I will try not to say too much but this book is great and I can't wait to read the next one in the Trylle series, Torn.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Best Friends for Never

Massie is back once again in Best Friends for Never with her killer style. Claire is still trying to get into the Clique, and she might be succeeding at this point. Dylan and Kristen are fighting over a guy, and Alicia is friends with Mrs. Plastic Surgery, Olivia Ryan. 

Oh, these girls lives are never calm. Something is always going on inside the Clique and this time best friends might not be forever. 

Readers must applaud Claire's determination to get inside Massie's clique. Although, it seems like not only does Claire want to get inside her circle, but it seems like Claire is starting to look up to Massie. Claire is seeing that being inside Massie's circle will be privilege that she will have to earn, but will she be able to make it if the guy that Claire's likes is also liked by Massie. The question to ask is: What is Claire willing to sacrifice in order to get inside Massie's circle?

Great read for teen girls because most will relate to one of these girls. Every character in here is different in their own way, and its this variety that is making everything interesting and confusing at the same time. However, it is these confusions that are keeping the story moving forward making us want to read more and find out what happens at the end. 

The author, Lisi Harrison, writes this story in a way that it makes us want to be a part of the circle and go shopping to all these fabulous stores and boutiques that these girls frequent. Lisi Harrison draws her readers into these girls lives by writing a story that everyone can find someone to relate to and include all these perks in order to increase our hunger for the story. No wonder The Clique series is popular. A definite reader for those who want best friends for ever.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Garden of Eve

After Eve loses her mother, she becomes very quiet. She secretly cries while living in the woods with an old lady and a supposed "ghost" for a friend. Neither of them seem to what it takes to make Eve smile. Not even her dad has been successful in that, and her "ghost" friend does make her happy but not genuinely smile. However, a bunch of seeds changes her life. Eve plants the seeds that Maggie, the old lady friend, gives her. Eve and her friend watches the tree grow real fast because supposedly these seeds were from the Garden of Eden. Eve and her ghost friend enters the tree and finds that they can create things from their imagination. Can Eve finally have her wish fulfilled and live with her mother again? 
K.L Going writes a fiction that brings tears to your eyes once the reader finishes the book. Eve finally reads her mothers letter and it so happened that she had become acquainted with the mysteries stories surrounding Maggie's family, the curse, and Rodney. Rodney is Maggie's brother who claims that they had lost their baby sister after she had planted the seeds. It was the loss of their baby sister  who was also named Eve that triggered the town to lose their apples. Truly this story is about the Forbidden Fruit through and through. Readers will surely remember the tale of Adam and Eve and relate Eve, the protagonist, and Adam who turns out to be the name of the supposed "ghost."
The author weaves the story about Eve around Adam and the apples into a modern tale where the Forbidden Fruit is not a source of grief but joy. Readers will gain a new perspective into apples growing on trees as a source of life and not the Pandora's box. A must read for all you tree, apple, Adam and Eve, and life lovers.


Hayley has always wanted to be a cheerleader, and through her hard work she makes it into the varsity cheerleading squad. However, Hayley finds a lump in on her leg and sees it getting worse as she practices more. After the doctor's diagnosis, Hayley finds out she has cancer in her leg, so she goes through a massive surgery that gets rid of the cancer along with a bone, but now Hayley has to go through chemo and radiation to complete the recovery process. Once that was over, Hayley goes back to school but now she has to deal with the side effects of chemo, a bitchy captain, and a boyfriend who is not liking the side effects. Will Hayley's positive attitude be enough to keep herself together to get through the side effects of chemo and continue to cheer while dealing with the impact of the surgery on her social life?

Hayley's strength and spirit is strong. She almost made me want to be a cheerleader. Hayley should be an inspiration and a role model to everyone. She survives her cancer and does not let the side effects of chemo get to her. She continues to cheer and smile even after going through the surgery and losing all her hair. Not only that, she does not let her captains bad attitude get to her. Nor does she let her losing her boyfriend towards the end get to her. Her positivity and spirit is contagious.
Radiate is based on a true story where the authors daughter survives cancer. Readers will admire Hayley's positive attitude and her passion for cheerleading. Once the reader finishes the novel, he or she will be left with three words in their mind: Dream, Discover, and Explore. A recommended and inspirational read for those who want to radiate just like Hayley.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Spellbound Book #3


Sophie finds herself in a place she had never expected in her whole life. She discovers secrets and truths that change the whole battle, that change her. Now that her father has gone through the Removal, she is the only left and the only one who can save them all from the evil Casnoff. Sophie will find herself once again back at Hex Hall and will face Mrs. Casnoff who is bent on sacrificing all the Prodigium and turning them into powerful demons.

Readers will once again zip right through this third and possibly the last novel is the series. Hope this information is wrong and the author will write more. Once again the author brings the story back to a full circle by letting Sophie have the last stand against the evil Casnoff. The author once again lets sarcastic and quirky Sophie steal the scene, our hearts and our laughs. Not to mention the sweet, tingly and sarcastic comments between Sophie and Archer that got our minds Spellbound in the first place.

The author does not leave room for a single boring moment. She hurls her readers into one action and after another. Until we are left standing and panting wanting for more as we are Spellbound in Rachel Hawkins magic of Hex Hall. 

A must read if you want to go to Hex Hall and fight with and against Demonglass while being Spellbound throughout all three books.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Demonglass Book #2

After Elodie's death, Sophie is rattled to the core. She is bent on getting her powers removed for good; even at the cost of losing her life, but Sophie meets her father and he is determined to change her mind. He takes her to England to stay over at the Thorne Abbey, home, for the summer along with Cal and Jenna. At Thorne Abbey, Sophie meets Daisy and Nick. Two demons who don't have any idea of how they became demons. However, The Eye is on the move and Archer is the prime hunter for Sophie. However, things take a drastic turn. When Archer meets Sophie, he does not kill her, but the Council is bent on killing Archer and considering Sophie's feelings is not on their list. Now Sophie has to the fight The Eye and escape the Council if she and her loved ones want to survive.

Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall series. This book keeps your mind engaged throughout the whole time. The reader will be thrown in one action to another. He or she won't know what has hit them until they don't put the book down. The plot and the characters are what are driving this novel, more the characters than the plot. The readers will love all of Archers and Sophie's sarcastic comments, and the love and sparks that sizzling between them. The readers will also love the plot and how its entwined with the past. What makes this novel worth reading is that it doesn't stretch anything and the characters are funny and quirky enough that you would want to have lunch with them. A must read for those love want to laugh and smile at everything Sophie and Archer has to say.

This book is full of action, adventure, love, betrayal, friendships and a mind gripping plot that will leave you staying awake at night and saying to yourself Demonglass is one book I shouldn't have gotten near because demonic glass will ensnare you in its plot and characters.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Hex Hall Book #1

Disclaimer: I read this book in a DAY!

Sophie Mercer's life was never normal. She had powers that not very many normal people have. Once her parents realized that Sophie's powers are growing, her father decides to send her to Hex Hall. At Hex Hall on her first day, She befriends a vampire, has a tag along ghost, made enemies with the Trinity, and a wicked crush on a cute warlock. 

A series of freaky deaths has Sophie wrapped up because the prime suspect is her roomie vampire, Jenna. Sophie knows her friend Jenna is not killer. She must prove that Jenna is not the killer before she might victim of the blood sucking killer.

I don't what to say more than that this book is amazing. The plot, the characters, the action, and all the spices in this story are perfect. The pacing of the novel is perfect as well as the storyline. When the reader of this book picks up this novel make sure you have time on your hands because he or she will not want to drop this book. The reason this story is so successful is because the author keeps us on the edge of our seats the whole time. The reader won't know when that last page comes. Highly, highly recommended read if you want thrill, adventure, mystery, suspense, romance, frenemies, friends and freaky moments all the way.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Kate and Mary are two sisters who love and care for each other more than anything in this world. Kate is the smart, talented and the oldest one. Mary is talented and loves to paint just like her mom. Both grow up in a perfect home with a mother and father. However, a couple of years later the sisters father dies unexpectedly and mother was already in a vegetative state before his death. Now all the responsibilities fall on Kate, but Kate just got accepted into Stanford. The university that her mother wanted her to go to. Now Kate must decide whether she should stay back and take care of her mother and sister or go to Stanford and fulfill her and her mother's dream. 

The sisters relationship in this novel is real touching. Readers will continue to read this book wanting to know what Kate decides because we know that she is caring and not heartless. Kate does come off as heartless and selfish, but she isn't. Kate is the most 3 dimensional character in this novel. Mary is somewhat of a quiet character. She speaks up when her aunt decides to think Kate is heartless. I wasn't impressed with Mary, but Kate is definitely interesting. She grows a lot in this novel. The author definitely works on Kate and makes her a character worth taking the time to see how she grows at the end and tackles some real tough decisions. 
This book hooks the readers right from the prologue. Readers will want to know what Kate decides; even though, we know the answer is obvious. A real gripping and heartbreaking read where the readers are hurled into a laundry full of boys, faith, hard decisions, love and growth. Time tests these girls where they have to decide what they want to do with their mother and what to do when they find out they will lose their home. The author will take the readers on an emotional coaster ride where it stops at an ending that was unexpected. This book deserves to be picked up and read knowing that you won't stop until you don't see what happens at the end.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Girls Don't Fly

Some girls just have it hard. They have to juggle school work, part-time jobs, boys, drama at school, and more drama with boys. Myra is one of those girls who has that on her plate and more. Myra is a smart, pretty and hard working girl. She is also known as a doormat. She does everything you tell her to do. The first love of her life dumps her in the beginning of the story, but later become a rival in a competition for a trip to the Galapagos Island. Myra also has to babysit her 4 younger brothers and work part time as well, but then her older sister comes home pregnant and left behind by her boyfriend and that complicates Myra's life even more. Moreover, the competitors teacher, a grad assistant from a local university, has his sight set on her. He thinks Myra has the potential to win this competition more than the others. Now Myra is more determined to get out of her house and fly by winning this competition.
We don't see these kind of people as senior high school students, usually characters like these are parents, college students, or someone else, but not a high student. The strong characterization and intense plot really pack a punch in this story. There isn't a single moment in this book where your mind will wonder or your eyes will droop. You will constantly be rooting for Myra to get through her day and win that competition so she can sock it to her ex boyfriend. You will say at the end that girls can fly and they can fly high.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Wherever you go

When you hear the title wherever you go, I am sure you are thinking stalkers or something, but this story is far from a story about a girl who is being stalked. Sure Holly, the protagonist, is being stalked by her boyfriend Rob, but the thing is this guy is dead. Rob died in a car crash, and now is haunting her because he wants to tell her something but can't find a way to communicate with her. Then he discovers that her grandpa can communicate with him, so Rob starts talking to him. However, Jason, Rob's best friend, comes into Holly's life and now he is in love with her. Rob must deal with Holly moving on, and Holly must deal with taking care of her family,  having a shot again at romance and having her dead "ex" boyfriend try to communicate with her as well.
This story is told in three different point of views. One from Rob, the second from Holly, and the third from Jason; even though, Holly is the main character of the story. The plot of this story develops quite well because we get to see Holly recovering from her grief of her losing the love of her life while dealing with a new guy in her life. She also has so many responsibilities at home that it does not allow her to really focus on her own life as well. We also get to see Holly, Rob and Jason grow as people as well. All three learn valuable lessons of life at the same time moving on from the past and embracing a new and possibly a better future. A highly recommended read because this book will have you taking it wherever you go until you don't see the end of it.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Green Heart

Green is the name of the protagonist, and let me tell you she is brave. It might not look like that at first, but she makes a 360 degree turn halfway through Green Angel. She is a girl with mental and physical strength, with a good heart, with a great understanding of people and the world, and with something some of us might not find in hard times and that is beauty and what we already have. Green learns to trust people and move on despite what the fire took from her. Yes, a deadly fire just like the Colorado takes lives of many people including Green's whole family. At first, she wallows in her pain and that is given, but then her heart starts to heal as she realizes that others have lost someone as well. She learns to spend joy and help others, especially with her tremendous green thumb. Green is a powerful character that will have any reader wanting to be just like her. 
Green Heart combines two novels: Green Angel and Green Witch. Green loses her family in Green Angel and then she records stories about people who have lost tremendously in Green Witch. However, in Green Witch, she records the story of the fabled witches of the town. She learns what has happened to them and how they aren't any special, just some women who have lost tremendously just like the townspeople. Both stories have good pacing of the plot and it isn't boring. That is to say that it isn't fast paced either. The plot just moves at a steady pace and Alice Hoffman writes not in the way we are use to reading books with dialogue and this book does have dialogue, but its in italics and there isn't too many dialogue in here. Two great novels that I recommend everyone to read.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Hello Bad Kitty! 

I will say I love the personality of bad kitty. He is anything but your typical cat, and this bad kitty loves attention, but this kitty is about to meet the baby. Now bad kitty tries everything to get attention but in the end the baby wins. The baby manages to get the bad kitty to like him. 
This book is geared towards children more but it reads like a chapter book. Therefore, a child can feel like they are reading an adult book when in fact its for them. I didn't enjoy the book in the beginning because it was a little slow and boring for me, but once I got to the end of the story I found that I wanted to read more of the bad kitty books. 
The plot of this book is real simple and its get to the point. There are also very interesting kitties in this book such as the stinky kitty, the pretty kitty, the strange kitty and many more. Children will definitely love bad kitty and the thing is its been the NY Times Bestseller list as well. I would definitely recommend this book to children because its funny, quirky, entertaining and mischievous so I highly recommend not to learn anything from bad kitty besides all the good stuff. Have fun!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I know I said that I would blog more often but it turns out that these past 5 weeks or so I haven't read anything worth blogging about. In fact, two of the books were real slow and the others were boring. I was reading them just so I could find out what happens next. I do intend to go back on track with blogging about any interesting books I have read so far. I also will include a little review of the books I had read in my upcoming blogs. In the meantime, do continue to go through my self because there might be readers out there who haven't looked through the whole self yet. And for those who do, there might be books that you haven't looked at yet.
That being said, thank you for reading my blog and continuing to stay updated with me even though I hadn't exactly posted a review of anything.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jekel Loves Hyde

Author: Beth Fantaskey

Jill Jekel who is shy and withdrawn meets a guy, completely the opposite of her, who falls in love with her from the first time he sees her. His name is Tristan Hyde. As Jill gets to know Tristan who just happens to be in her Chemistry class, her life spins out of control. Her father is already dead and her mother is devastated. Now Jill has little financial support and she desperately needs the money to go to college, so Jekel teams up with Hyde in a Science Competition. However, Jekel and Hyde find out more than they had bargained for.
This book was a joy to read. Reading about the dual natures of humanity and the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is always stupefying. Who would have thought to continue Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's bloodline? Who would have thought that Dr. Jekyll might have kept his lab/experiment notes? Obviously, this author did and she did a good job with it too. The plot was well-developed and most if not all of the characters were interesting to read about, especially Tristan Hyde. I found him more well-developed than Jill Jekel. A great book and recommended read!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Karma Bites

Franny is a nice girl who just wanted her two best friends, Kate and Joey, to get along and she wanted her world, her life and school, to be at peace. Then her Granny shows her the Hindi Help Box and from there Franny starts to make wish after wish and then things spiral out of control leading to a major disaster.

Franny, Karma bites.

However, Franny tells her grandmother the truth after she was found breaking and entering her Granny's friends apartment (Franny was after the box because her Granny had let her friend borrow it). Things go back to the way they were and Franny learns not to mess with the universe and its magic.

I have to say. Franny was starting to get on my nerves. Her endless wishes were annoying and the whole breaking and entering thing was just icing on the cake. I am not to impressed with the story because Franny is an A+ liar. Throughout the story, Franny lies to cover up tracks so her grandmother doesn't find out that she has been using the Hindi Help Box. Now I don't know if being annoyed with Franny is a good thing because the author does manage to get an emotional response out of me. However, that doesn't make me like the character. I know people are not perfect but lying is just wrong especially since she was trusted with this secret box. She's twelve years old and I know that. She has no understanding nor the maturity to handle such secret and her actions do portray that. I don't know about you, but I'm not liking Franny. Even though the end turned out to be good.

I would recommend reading this book if you like drama, laughter, love, friendship, school cliques, Granny and a whole lot of  craziness. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Lovely Shoes

Franny's, the protagonist, one leg is longer than the other and she is not happy with the shoes she has to wear. Franny's mother, on the other hand, has a great selection of shoes and an impeccable taste in clothes and that's because she doesn't have the same problem as her daughter. However, Franny starts to pity herself after the dance incident occurs. She locks herself up in her room and mopes. Then her mother finds an ad in the paper about Signor Ferragamo who has the solution to her shoe problem. Franny's trip to Italy changes her life.

I admit I am not too happy with the book. The author, Susan Shreve, does pull some of the incidents from her life, but not all of them. I despised reading the part about her moping about herself in her room. I just wanted to slap her and tell her, 'get a life.' In the whole self-pity period, the story was flat. Come to think of it, most of the story was flat. The story became interesting once Franny went to Italy and had some stylish shoes custom made, but other than that the story was flat.

I think one needs a taste for books like these because I sure don't have the taste. I like reading lots of girly/chick-lit books but this one was just, ehh. So I leave it up to you to decide whether you want to read it or not because I sure am not going to say you should or shouldn't.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Time Travelling Fashionista

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. In fact, I cried at the end of the book with the Titanic reference. I'm actually listening to Celine Dion's Titanic song now. 

First of all, I loved all the Fashion Designers mentioned in here. I loved how we got a chance to spend some time with some of the best designers in here. Second, I loved the character in here, and then there were times when I just wanted to smack the protagonist on the head, but still she's 12 years old. What can you expect. Third, I loved how Titanic is woven into the story here. It was the dress and Titanic that grasped us emotionally. 

Well I certainly won't look at dresses the same way. This book gives its readers a new look at dresses. Not unless, if you already understand Vintage, but to those who don't we certainly will get a new perspective on Vintage clothing. Readers will truly learn to appreciate what history Vintage clothing holds. 

Here is a memorable clip from the story: 

"It takes a special kind of person to realize that when you wear vintage you are carrying a bit of the past on your body, and the possibility that vintage can have an impact on your modern life...Don't forget your history, Louise. If we do, we are destined to repeat the past, as though for the first time, without benefiting from any of the knowledge that can be gained from those who have come before us. In the words of the inimitable French designer Coco Chanel, 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same.'" 

I loved this part towards the end in the story. Truly touching and I hope the author continues to write more.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Carter House Girls

The Carter House Girls is a series of eight books by Melody Carlson, I think. The last time I checked Melody Carlson's website, it said Last Dance is the last book, and it was sad to hear that because I liked seeing how the characters in the books have changed. Some, if not most of them, have made real progress. They have become real mature. Now I have read only the first six books, but these six have been a joy to read.

At first, I was thinking to myself, 'typical girly books with cat fights, beauty and fashion. It's not going to be interesting. Why waste my time.' Seriously, that's what I thought. Then I still continued to read hoping something good might happen, and I can't say that anything good happened. But the books progressed for the best. I started to like getting to know these characters, seeing the problems they face, and how they solve them. I felt as if I was a part of the Carter House girls and that I was a part of this chaos in some way. I actually am upset to find out these books are coming to end soon.

I should say that its heavily Christian based. Most of the characters in there are Christians and they are praying throughout the books. It did not bother me because I saw God work miracles in some of these girls. Well, okay so maybe God worked miracles through DJ, the protagonist. But the Christianity that plays in here is not annoying. In fact,  it kind of brings the story together. I think the author must really love Jesus Christ.

I would recommend anyone to read these books because guys can find out just how it is like to live with a bunch of girls and girls can learn from DJ. She sets a good example and so do some of her friends.

I'm not quite done, so I'll keep you posted as to how the books turn out.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Carrie Diaries

Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell was entertaining and the plot was a little typical. The only thing that made me want to read the books were Carrie Bradshaw. She was a girl with a mind of her own. She wasn't a man's woman, she's a woman (well a girl since she's a teenager). A girl with a mind of her own. A girl who won't succumb to a sleazy guy like Sebastian. Yes, Sebastian was all about making out with different girls. A guy who is not worth any girls time, but Carrie liked him. She liked him a lot. She liked him enough to see him after she found her best friend was making out with him. She liked him enough to tell him she's leaving for New York. Now these were some of the reasons why I kept reading this book.

The story does come across as a little typical. But the different spices of characters in the story makes you want to keep reading. The author did have her readers trapped in her web of character. The plot also wasn't too boring either because the emotional response from us, as readers, was 'Carrie, dump the bastard' but its not like Carrie's going to listen to us. In other words, somewhere inside I was involved in the story too. I think that Candace Bushnell has a well-written story with a whole spice rack of characters with just one bad tasting spice that is kind of ruining every other spice, and somewhere in the spice rack is a spice that has the guts to stick up for herself and say 'hey, I can find a better guy than that sleazy spice.'

I would recommend reading this book because you just don't want to miss what dish this spice rack can whip up.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Some things about certain people just don't change. It doesn't matter no many how many times life might have tried to teach them a lesson, but they don't learn. Ever is one of those people who just never learns and continues to make poor decisions.

But I wonder...

Is this a technique that the author employs to capture her readers attention? I wonder if Ever being so annoying is what keeps us interested? I mean what if Ever did everything we wanted her to do, then what? Would we want to read the books? Probably for some and probably not others.

My opinion is that if Ever did what I expected her to do, then it would have been boring. I think that the way Ever is is what keeps me interested.

The characterization in Blue Moon is quite strong. Ever definitely does have a distinctive voice. She is definitely annoying and a poor decision maker, but it is what drives the story. The plot is also starting to thicken too. With Damen in so much pain, Ever is the left to fight the battle alone.

This book is starting to become interesting. Now that the curse is in place and Ever can't touch Damen. I have to wait and see what happens in the third book whether Damen will find out or not. I mean I'm sure Damen will definitely will find out, but don't know when.

I would recommend this book. It may annoy you and who knows you might like the story. I can't say I don't like the story because I want to know what bad decisions Ever will make that will possibly jeopardize her future and possibly her future with Damen. I won't say I am absolutely crazy about the book because I'm not, but I'm interested in seeing what happens next.

It would be nice to hear what you all have to say about Blue Moon by Alyson Noel, so please leave me any comments you want below.

Friday, 6 January 2012

As the Sparks Fly Upward

I didn't think I would enjoy this book but I did. Once I started to read it, I got real engrossed into the novel with Colin and Adam, mostly Colin.
Its a real straight forward story with Colin being the odd duckling out, and Adam being the son with all the attention and strength, but as both grow up Colin finds his own place by being a Physician and Adam being a Seahawk along side Sir Francis Drake. Then Colin meets Heather and his whole life changes, but Heather's scorn leaves a scar inside his heart and Twyla's love for him cures it.
Christianity played a huge role in this story with being saved and inviting Jesus into Colin's life. I don't mind it at all, but I have been reading books on how being a Christian means you are saved and I'm not against Christianity or anything but it's kind of getting irritating. I'm not religious, but I won't I don't care I do. It's just that this is a little annoying with one theme playing in all the books I have read thus far.
I couldn't possibly begin to say what I like about this book. I read it in two days and every single time I just wanted to know what happened next in Colin's life or know if Colin will see that Twyla loves him. This story really grabs your attention and keeps you glued to the story. The pace is good so that's why the reader never gets bored even though its an ordinary story. Gilbert Morris, the author, does a good job in telling this story. One interesting thing about this story is that Colin and Twyla name their second child Gilbert and says, "...I have a feeling this one will be the best of all the House of Winslow." Interesting humor that is laugh worthy Mr. Gilbert Morris finishes the story with by bringing his text back to a full circle using his name. Great read and recommended for anyone interested in the late 1500s with Queen Elizabeth and Sir Francis Drake.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Just Ask

Kim No. 1 - Just Ask by Melody Carlson is written in a diary format that follows the life of an asian, Korean heritage, girl raised by American parents and daily happenings in her life.

I cried a little bit at the end of this book. Just after everything was going good. The end leaves the reader teary eyed. I won't say what it is since it would ruin the book, but its not anything to hide I just don't want to say what it is because the effect of the surprise would wear off.

I read this book before but didn't get into it then until now. Today I enjoyed this book to the end and loved reading and seeing the world through Kim's eyes. This book really lets us get inside Kim's head and everything that she thinks. I'm sure some of us have questioned the same thing Kim has and have experienced the same thing Kim has. Maybe not in the same sense, but close to it. The reality of the story and getting inside Kim's head is what glued my attention to the story.

I probably wasn't too happy with her telling her readers leave it up to God since not everyone believes in the same thing and same person as she does. I certainly didn't mind her being so Christian and telling people to leave it up to God, but I'm not Christian and I don't know how others would take such advice, but thats just me.

All in all, the experience of seeing the world through Kim Peterson, a columnist, eyes was a positive experience and I respect her for her faith and her devotion to her family and friends. I give this book 5 stars and recommend everyone to read this one because sometimes we don't have to-just ask- to pick up a book that might make a difference in our lives like it did to mine (a little).