Saturday, 29 September 2012

Revenge of the Wannabes

Massie is a good friend. 

I didn't realize how much Massie cares for her friends until this book. Those who she likes and can make it into her circle are loved by her. However I must say, she really does like her crown way too much. She cares way too much about being the IT girl than just being a good friend. Nevertheless, this is Massie Block and she is who she is. 

In the Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie sees her crown slipping when Alicia decides she wants to be the alpha and not the beta. Claire finally gets into the Pretty Committee and her friendship with Massie is stronger than she could possibly ever dream of. Everyone's secrets are out in the open and Alicia gets cut from the Committee, but then Alicia forms her own clique with Olivia that will rival Massie's. But does Alicia's clique have what it takes to beat out Massie's? Will Alicia become the next IT girl crushing Massie's crown? 

The story started out strong, but got a little boring in the middle. I found it a little boring because half the time I was expecting Claire to find out that Massie was just jealous that Cam didn't like her, but that didn't happen 'til the end. I was also expecting Massie to compete with Alicia in seeing whose clique is better, but that never happened. It just went about the girls lives. The only good that happened was Kristen's secret was revealed to the girls. It started out strong and ended powerfully. I was going to drop the book but didn't because I wanted to know if the girls get back together and find out if Claire gets Cam, but I did like the ending and was left with a feeling of wanting to be a part  of their group.

I would definitely recommend reading this book because in order to see the girls are evolving  one must read all the books in the clique series. Yes, the girls are evolving and changing and its mostly Massie that I have noticed. Let me know, if you think any of the other girls have evolved as well. Revenge of the Wannabes pits the real clique against a wannabe clique and shows us that not everyone can be a part of the Pretty Committee because there is one Pretty Committee and if anyone tries to form their own the Committee will have their revenge on the wannabes. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My, oh my. Wendy is in love with Loki. Goodbye Finn, hello hot and sexy Loki. Gosh, Wendy is lucky.

Wendy is now married to Tove and ruling her Trylle like a queen because her mother is sick. Also now Wendy has learned that she has to kill her father in order to restore peace back to her kingdom because he has just wiped out a part of her kingdom. She also attempts to make peace with her father just so he will stop this bloodshed. Moreover, Wendy and Finn are officially over. 

Wendy surely has grown a lot since she got to Trylle. She has taken over her role and has found her love as well. She is willing to sacrifice herself to keep the peace in her kingdom, but no one is willing to let her sacrifice herself in order to maintain the peace. Wendy has gotten stronger as well and has made great decisions in life. I respect Wendy now more than I did before. 

We also got to see a softer side of Elora, Wendy's mother. She has shown more affection now than before since she knows she's dying, so Wendy and her mothers relationship has gotten stronger as well. Elora is no longer cold or anything. I understand Elora and why she was behaving like that with Wendy before. She's a great mother and I hope that Wendy can rule like her mother and possibly better. 

While I expected more in the last battle, I still found the plot of the story well plotted. I did want to see more action and see more of Wendy's powers since she was suppose to be strong, but all we got to see was her use her power to make her father cower in fear. Still, the story had a nice ending and I found that her choice of Loki was great because Finn couldn't give her what she wanted. Finn also found his love as well. I hope that Amanda Hocking continues to write more because I will definitely read her books.

Monday, 24 September 2012


I am just devouring these series. I have read Torn in a day. The Trylle series is addicting. Make sure you have time on your hands if you decide to pick up this series.
I have changed teams. I am now on Team Loki.

I love Loki's character. He's flirty, mischievous, and has the personality traits that Finn doesn't have. Loki has guts, spunk, and character. He makes any girls heart race and smile. I looked forward to reading Loki more than Finn because Loki isn't giving up on Wendy and it seems like Finn is. Loki makes Torn real interesting because Torn is full of training and let downs. Loki is great, and I know he will get Wendy in the end because he's willing to take the risk and fight for Wendy. 

Finn, on the other hand, has been a disappoint. I can see their relationship crumbling. All that is left of  Wendy's and Finn's relationship is kissing and making out. What a shame. Finn hasn't fought for Wendy. He's too duty oriented to do anything. Not that its a bad quality but it seems like Finn wants Wendy and if he wants her, he going to have to fight for, but he doesn't. He just stands there and gets jealous when Loki flirts with her. 

Torn takes everything up a notch. For one Wendy has gotten mature, and she learned a great deal about her mother and father. She is also training with Tove to become a powerful Trylle and Vittra since she has both bloods in her. Finn is not fighting for Wendy anymore, and nor is he encouraging the relationship. He's taken a step back, but at the same time Loki has taken a step forward and is now flirting with Wendy. He has broken  into the palace just to see Wendy. Wendy's got her maturity when she learned that she is the only one who can bring her father down and stop him creating utter chaos. The stakes are now much higher and Wendy has to make a decision that is good for her people, but she is Torn between Loki and changing and crumbling feelings for Finn.

I am now on Team Loki because I must admit I'd love to flirt with him if I was in the book.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I read this book in two days. I will say up front that it is a recommended read for those people who want fantasy, romance, adventure and some action.

Wendy doesn't have anything redeeming going on in her life. She has this creepy guy staring at her and she get people to do things even against her will with just constantly repeating she wants this person to do. But Wendy's life changes. Soon this creepy guy who has been staring at her, starts talking to her. Her brother and her aunt are shocked. Wendy actually has a guy interested in her. However, this guy is here to take her back because to her real parents because Wendy is not your average teenager and there are many people after her who don't look too friendly. Now Wendy has found out her true identity and is not happy because her real mother is a cold and cruel woman who has not yet hugged her lovingly. 

I found the pacing of this story pretty good. There wasn't one boring moment in this story. I was constantly thinking I hope Wendy and Finn have a happy ending in their love story because of this new complication. I am all on Team Finn. The author has done a splendid job in creating the characters as well. Matt is her host brother and he is the dream older brother that any girl or guy would want. The people at her real home are all real nice as well, besides her mother and another older man who just seems a little perverted at the ball. However, Finn comes in and saves the day. What a hero!

Finn is also the hot, dreamy guy any girl would want. He sweeps Wendy off her feet and makes out with her. He is also well build and looks great in a tux, but he is also a bodyguard and a great one at that. He protects Wendy at any cost, even his life. He is there for her whenever she needs saving. He has never left her side, and this makes for also a great relationship between them as well because Wendy feels protected in his arms just she does in her brothers. Finn is a great guy but he does everything the Queen says and this does bother me alittle and it does Wendy as well. 

I will try not to say too much but this book is great and I can't wait to read the next one in the Trylle series, Torn.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Best Friends for Never

Massie is back once again in Best Friends for Never with her killer style. Claire is still trying to get into the Clique, and she might be succeeding at this point. Dylan and Kristen are fighting over a guy, and Alicia is friends with Mrs. Plastic Surgery, Olivia Ryan. 

Oh, these girls lives are never calm. Something is always going on inside the Clique and this time best friends might not be forever. 

Readers must applaud Claire's determination to get inside Massie's clique. Although, it seems like not only does Claire want to get inside her circle, but it seems like Claire is starting to look up to Massie. Claire is seeing that being inside Massie's circle will be privilege that she will have to earn, but will she be able to make it if the guy that Claire's likes is also liked by Massie. The question to ask is: What is Claire willing to sacrifice in order to get inside Massie's circle?

Great read for teen girls because most will relate to one of these girls. Every character in here is different in their own way, and its this variety that is making everything interesting and confusing at the same time. However, it is these confusions that are keeping the story moving forward making us want to read more and find out what happens at the end. 

The author, Lisi Harrison, writes this story in a way that it makes us want to be a part of the circle and go shopping to all these fabulous stores and boutiques that these girls frequent. Lisi Harrison draws her readers into these girls lives by writing a story that everyone can find someone to relate to and include all these perks in order to increase our hunger for the story. No wonder The Clique series is popular. A definite reader for those who want best friends for ever.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Garden of Eve

After Eve loses her mother, she becomes very quiet. She secretly cries while living in the woods with an old lady and a supposed "ghost" for a friend. Neither of them seem to what it takes to make Eve smile. Not even her dad has been successful in that, and her "ghost" friend does make her happy but not genuinely smile. However, a bunch of seeds changes her life. Eve plants the seeds that Maggie, the old lady friend, gives her. Eve and her friend watches the tree grow real fast because supposedly these seeds were from the Garden of Eden. Eve and her ghost friend enters the tree and finds that they can create things from their imagination. Can Eve finally have her wish fulfilled and live with her mother again? 
K.L Going writes a fiction that brings tears to your eyes once the reader finishes the book. Eve finally reads her mothers letter and it so happened that she had become acquainted with the mysteries stories surrounding Maggie's family, the curse, and Rodney. Rodney is Maggie's brother who claims that they had lost their baby sister after she had planted the seeds. It was the loss of their baby sister  who was also named Eve that triggered the town to lose their apples. Truly this story is about the Forbidden Fruit through and through. Readers will surely remember the tale of Adam and Eve and relate Eve, the protagonist, and Adam who turns out to be the name of the supposed "ghost."
The author weaves the story about Eve around Adam and the apples into a modern tale where the Forbidden Fruit is not a source of grief but joy. Readers will gain a new perspective into apples growing on trees as a source of life and not the Pandora's box. A must read for all you tree, apple, Adam and Eve, and life lovers.


Hayley has always wanted to be a cheerleader, and through her hard work she makes it into the varsity cheerleading squad. However, Hayley finds a lump in on her leg and sees it getting worse as she practices more. After the doctor's diagnosis, Hayley finds out she has cancer in her leg, so she goes through a massive surgery that gets rid of the cancer along with a bone, but now Hayley has to go through chemo and radiation to complete the recovery process. Once that was over, Hayley goes back to school but now she has to deal with the side effects of chemo, a bitchy captain, and a boyfriend who is not liking the side effects. Will Hayley's positive attitude be enough to keep herself together to get through the side effects of chemo and continue to cheer while dealing with the impact of the surgery on her social life?

Hayley's strength and spirit is strong. She almost made me want to be a cheerleader. Hayley should be an inspiration and a role model to everyone. She survives her cancer and does not let the side effects of chemo get to her. She continues to cheer and smile even after going through the surgery and losing all her hair. Not only that, she does not let her captains bad attitude get to her. Nor does she let her losing her boyfriend towards the end get to her. Her positivity and spirit is contagious.
Radiate is based on a true story where the authors daughter survives cancer. Readers will admire Hayley's positive attitude and her passion for cheerleading. Once the reader finishes the novel, he or she will be left with three words in their mind: Dream, Discover, and Explore. A recommended and inspirational read for those who want to radiate just like Hayley.