Sunday, 30 June 2013


Alice Hoffman is a brilliant writer. Her works never fail to captivate and inspire me. Incantation is one of her works that had me reading through the night. The novel is well crafted and written brilliantly inside the mind of a 17 year old girl named Estrella whose best friend, Catalina, betrays her when she finds out that her cousin, Andres, likes Estrella and not her. Estrella's family faces persecution when Catalina reveals to the townspeople that Estrella's family is Jewish.
Alice Hoffman shows us what its like to live to live in Spain as a Jewish person and practicing their faith in the night. She also shows us how those who do get caught are called Marrano's and are killed in the worst possible way.
Estrella shows great strength after her family brutally killed. She remains strong for her grandmother and moves to a place where she, her grandmother and Andres can live peacefully.
Incantation is a short novel that shows us what happened to the Jews in the Spanish Inquisition and how it affected this one girl who finds the strength and hope to move to a better place. This novel will leave you remembering Estrella and her story.