Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Spellbound Book #3


Sophie finds herself in a place she had never expected in her whole life. She discovers secrets and truths that change the whole battle, that change her. Now that her father has gone through the Removal, she is the only left and the only one who can save them all from the evil Casnoff. Sophie will find herself once again back at Hex Hall and will face Mrs. Casnoff who is bent on sacrificing all the Prodigium and turning them into powerful demons.

Readers will once again zip right through this third and possibly the last novel is the series. Hope this information is wrong and the author will write more. Once again the author brings the story back to a full circle by letting Sophie have the last stand against the evil Casnoff. The author once again lets sarcastic and quirky Sophie steal the scene, our hearts and our laughs. Not to mention the sweet, tingly and sarcastic comments between Sophie and Archer that got our minds Spellbound in the first place.

The author does not leave room for a single boring moment. She hurls her readers into one action and after another. Until we are left standing and panting wanting for more as we are Spellbound in Rachel Hawkins magic of Hex Hall. 

A must read if you want to go to Hex Hall and fight with and against Demonglass while being Spellbound throughout all three books.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Demonglass Book #2

After Elodie's death, Sophie is rattled to the core. She is bent on getting her powers removed for good; even at the cost of losing her life, but Sophie meets her father and he is determined to change her mind. He takes her to England to stay over at the Thorne Abbey, home, for the summer along with Cal and Jenna. At Thorne Abbey, Sophie meets Daisy and Nick. Two demons who don't have any idea of how they became demons. However, The Eye is on the move and Archer is the prime hunter for Sophie. However, things take a drastic turn. When Archer meets Sophie, he does not kill her, but the Council is bent on killing Archer and considering Sophie's feelings is not on their list. Now Sophie has to the fight The Eye and escape the Council if she and her loved ones want to survive.

Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall series. This book keeps your mind engaged throughout the whole time. The reader will be thrown in one action to another. He or she won't know what has hit them until they don't put the book down. The plot and the characters are what are driving this novel, more the characters than the plot. The readers will love all of Archers and Sophie's sarcastic comments, and the love and sparks that sizzling between them. The readers will also love the plot and how its entwined with the past. What makes this novel worth reading is that it doesn't stretch anything and the characters are funny and quirky enough that you would want to have lunch with them. A must read for those love want to laugh and smile at everything Sophie and Archer has to say.

This book is full of action, adventure, love, betrayal, friendships and a mind gripping plot that will leave you staying awake at night and saying to yourself Demonglass is one book I shouldn't have gotten near because demonic glass will ensnare you in its plot and characters.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Hex Hall Book #1

Disclaimer: I read this book in a DAY!

Sophie Mercer's life was never normal. She had powers that not very many normal people have. Once her parents realized that Sophie's powers are growing, her father decides to send her to Hex Hall. At Hex Hall on her first day, She befriends a vampire, has a tag along ghost, made enemies with the Trinity, and a wicked crush on a cute warlock. 

A series of freaky deaths has Sophie wrapped up because the prime suspect is her roomie vampire, Jenna. Sophie knows her friend Jenna is not killer. She must prove that Jenna is not the killer before she might victim of the blood sucking killer.

I don't what to say more than that this book is amazing. The plot, the characters, the action, and all the spices in this story are perfect. The pacing of the novel is perfect as well as the storyline. When the reader of this book picks up this novel make sure you have time on your hands because he or she will not want to drop this book. The reason this story is so successful is because the author keeps us on the edge of our seats the whole time. The reader won't know when that last page comes. Highly, highly recommended read if you want thrill, adventure, mystery, suspense, romance, frenemies, friends and freaky moments all the way.