Sunday, 16 October 2011

The TeaShop Girls

I want to be a member of the Teashop Girls. Annie is the greatest friend ever. She also has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for tea. I know I will be looking for Laura Schaefer's next novel, The Secret Ingredient. I just hope it continues with Annie's life, possibly in High School.
This story is about Annie who loves her Steeping Leaf shop. It isn't hers. It's her grandmothers. She practically lives there throughout the story. Anyways, the SL is at the verge of shutting down because not a lot of customers come to have tea, so Annie comes with creative ways to get the place hot and popular. In the end, things work out. I'll let you read the book to find out. I won't give too much away.
I knew this story was going to start to grow on me because Annie has two great friends, Genna and Zo. I also want friends like them too. I do have great friends. Can't say I don't. But this book is a must read for friend and tea lovers.
This book also has great clippings related to tea, recipes, tea party ideas, facts about tea from different places, and discussion questions. It really is a blend of different tastes.
I can't find one bad thing to say about this book because I enjoyed it 100% percent. I also liked the writing.  It was simple and too the point. It was easy to understand and fun at the same time with the other things the author corporated. I highly recommend this book. I give it 5 out of 5. 5 Star rating.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Idea

I decided to write about the books I did not enjoy too, so He's So Not Worth It is the first one on that list. Let me know what you think about it, OK.

He's So Not Worth It

For me, the title applies to the way I feel about the book. I got to page 65 and realized I was completely bored. This book  was a waste of time for me. I thought that it could have been better maybe if the girl who was recording everything was telling the story. Now that would have been interesting and would have kept my interest. On that note, I loved what the girl who wrote down facts had to say. I would love it if the author wrote a story telling it from her point of view, but other than that. It was slow and mainly I didn't care about the characters. I'm a picky reader. Not very many books catch my interest, so this one was added to that list. There might be people out there who likes stories like this, but I'm just not one of them. This book was so not worth it for me.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Eighth Grade Bites

Vlad aka Vladimir Todd grows up like any normal human boy would his age. Going to school. Having friends. Crushes. But whats sets Vlad apart form the others is the fact that he's part vampire, part human. Vlad's mother was a human and his dad was a vampire. Both died in a fire, and now Vlad is raised by his aunt, who was a nurse to his mother, and lives a nice quiet life on blood bags. All this changes when Otis enters Bathory Junior High. He looks suspicious and Vlad does not like him. Vlad suspects that he just might be the killer of his favorite English teacher, Mr. Craig, because Vlad found Mr. Otis's top hat and a strange symbol inside Mr. Craig's house. This freaks out Vlad and he starts to hate Mr. Otis. Who is Mr. Otis and what happens to Vlad when he discovers more secrets about his family and Mr. Otis? You will have to read the book to find out.
Vlad is strange for a vampire and a human. He has the best of both worlds. He feeds on blood and normal food at the same time. Nelly puts blood inside Vlad's food almost everyday. He lives outside in the sun because his mother was a human, and his best friend Henry is not scared of him. Although, he struggles alot since he has a crush and he can't quite fully commit to it since he is part vampire. Nevertheless, he does try to ask her out and he does succeed at the end. However, the tension with him being a vampire still brews somewhere in the darkness as Vlad struggles to live a normal life as well as his vampire life because he can't fully enjoy one or both of them.
Heather Brewer doesn't create a vampire love story. She adds adolescence/pre-teen themes in here too. This story is not like your other vampire stories. This story is told in third person point of view with the main character being a boy who wants to live a normal life, but at the same time preserving his identity as a vampire too. With each turning page, we are introduced with more tension and suspense. Heather Brewer writes a simple, yet complex and mysterious story about Vladimir Todd who is ordinary yet more extraordinary than any other. Even though he thinks that eighth grade bites.