Monday, 15 October 2012

New Title

Hi Everybody!

I just changed the title of my blog, and boy do I love it. I will not be changing my title again. Please leave me comments on what you think of my new title. I will also be changing the link of my blog as well to so do keep up to date with me. I will give you all some time to read this post and jot down that link up above, and then change it by the end of this week. So exciting! I hope you enjoy the title as much as I do, and I hope it inspires you to pick up a book and discover the amazing things it has to offer.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote

Oh, great children's books. I just love reading children's books. They are easy to read and fun. 
Amelia's personality is vivacious. She loves to have fun and comes up with creative ways to do things. In this book, Amelia Bedelia's class gets to vote on a rule that will be enacted in class. However, the class ties and then an absentee vote comes in from a classmate that helps break the tie. We also see Amelia running into things and hurting herself, not intentionally, but she keeps running into others.
It's a great story for children especially those who want to know how to be fun and creative like Amelia. I highly recommend reading these books to everyone because everyone can learn from Amelia.

Best Friends Forever

It took me a while to write a post because I never really finished reading this book by Jennifer Weiner. Best Friends Forever just wasn't a book that I wanted to finish reading. Sure there is some conflict between Addie and Valerie. Their friendship needs repairing, and the story is written quite well too. It's told from different perspective's, but I just couldn't find a reason to care for Addie, nor Valerie because Valerie dumped her best friend in high school. She humiliated her in front of the whole cafeteria. I didn't care for Addie either because she never got over it. She never tried to find strength within herself to move forward and forget her so-called best friend. Sure after her mother died, she lost all the weight and got her degree, but I wished Addie would have done something cooler like build a better life for herself instead of just sitting at home and painting. It's like Valerie bought out the 'let's do things' side of her. I don't know. As a character, I didn't like Addie. I know there are people like her in this world, but its that kind of story that I don't like reading. People like Addie's lives are too boring. 
Now the way the story is written is good. The author does put some time into crafting the story and telling it from different point of views. I find this kind of storytelling interesting.
However, the way the story is crafted, the plot and the characters do not interest me. I wanted to find out what happens in the end, but I didn't care enough to finish it. I wanted more action and a character who wanted to overcome her obstacles in her life. This is my opinion. I have nothing to say against those people who did enjoy this story because reading stories are up to the person and their preference. 
Now here is what I've read so far about this story, Addie grows up with her parents and her brother. Her parents both work from home. She doesn't have a really redeeming life and doesn't do anything interesting, but then Valerie moves in with her mom, and all of sudden those two are great friends. Valerie brings out the lets do things side of Addie. However, Addie says that she does all the things with Valerie because she doesn't want to lose the only friend she has here. Then the other perspective in this story is that they both have grown up and are working. Valerie hurts Dan who hurt her in high school, so she comes to Addie asking her for help, and Addie still helps her even though she doesn't want to because of what Valerie did to her in high school. The other perspective in this story is that the police officer's wife divorces him because he just couldn't make her happy anymore. They both had failed in having a baby and in that their relationship failed too. This is where I stopped. There was too much going on and little focus. It's a steady paced story and I like fast moving plot with loads of action and conflict.