Monday, 21 November 2011


Our imagination and beliefs give us the power that nothing else can give us. We have the power to change whatever we desire. All it takes is a little imagination and the willpower to make that change and you have a power that surpasses all.

Imaginalis by J.M. Matteis brings us a story about a girl named Mehera who believed in the Imaginalis story with all her heart that it allowed her to enter the world of Imaginalis. She meets all her favorite characters and also the great author who wrote the book, but there is someone who wants to steal her belief and destroy Imaginalis. It is now up to Mehera to save Imaginalis and the belief that keeps Imaginalis and the characters alive.

I loved Mehera's character because no matter what comes in her way, her faith in Imaginalis stayed strong. Nothing stopped her from loving it so much. She also has a lot of strength and courage. It's no wonder that Prince Imagos loves her. The plot in this story was also fabulous because woven inside this story is another story, so we experience two stories and a possible look inside the Imaginalis books that do not exist in our world. I also loved all the quotes in the story too. The quotes, in this book, bring the whole story together. I also believe that everyone's life is an adventure and that some just happen to make it inside the pages of a book. It's a great belief to harbor in our hearts, and also another great belief is BELIEVING and HAVING FAITH. Those two are also great mottoes to live by.

J.M. Matteis brings us a story that is full of imagination and adventure that will leave us wanting to build The Unbelievable Bridge and cross it just like Mehera did.

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