Saturday, 16 June 2012

Green Heart

Green is the name of the protagonist, and let me tell you she is brave. It might not look like that at first, but she makes a 360 degree turn halfway through Green Angel. She is a girl with mental and physical strength, with a good heart, with a great understanding of people and the world, and with something some of us might not find in hard times and that is beauty and what we already have. Green learns to trust people and move on despite what the fire took from her. Yes, a deadly fire just like the Colorado takes lives of many people including Green's whole family. At first, she wallows in her pain and that is given, but then her heart starts to heal as she realizes that others have lost someone as well. She learns to spend joy and help others, especially with her tremendous green thumb. Green is a powerful character that will have any reader wanting to be just like her. 
Green Heart combines two novels: Green Angel and Green Witch. Green loses her family in Green Angel and then she records stories about people who have lost tremendously in Green Witch. However, in Green Witch, she records the story of the fabled witches of the town. She learns what has happened to them and how they aren't any special, just some women who have lost tremendously just like the townspeople. Both stories have good pacing of the plot and it isn't boring. That is to say that it isn't fast paced either. The plot just moves at a steady pace and Alice Hoffman writes not in the way we are use to reading books with dialogue and this book does have dialogue, but its in italics and there isn't too many dialogue in here. Two great novels that I recommend everyone to read.

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