Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hex Hall Series: Spellbound Book #3


Sophie finds herself in a place she had never expected in her whole life. She discovers secrets and truths that change the whole battle, that change her. Now that her father has gone through the Removal, she is the only left and the only one who can save them all from the evil Casnoff. Sophie will find herself once again back at Hex Hall and will face Mrs. Casnoff who is bent on sacrificing all the Prodigium and turning them into powerful demons.

Readers will once again zip right through this third and possibly the last novel is the series. Hope this information is wrong and the author will write more. Once again the author brings the story back to a full circle by letting Sophie have the last stand against the evil Casnoff. The author once again lets sarcastic and quirky Sophie steal the scene, our hearts and our laughs. Not to mention the sweet, tingly and sarcastic comments between Sophie and Archer that got our minds Spellbound in the first place.

The author does not leave room for a single boring moment. She hurls her readers into one action and after another. Until we are left standing and panting wanting for more as we are Spellbound in Rachel Hawkins magic of Hex Hall. 

A must read if you want to go to Hex Hall and fight with and against Demonglass while being Spellbound throughout all three books.

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