Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat is what I have heard and up to some extent that is true. Just by seeing a person, you can tell what kind of foods he or she eats to keep that body in whatever shape it is in. Consider an obese person walking down the street who has to pick up their leg everytime they walk. This causes the person to walk slower than any normal person because one they have all that extra fat and two both their thighs collide. Anyone passing this person by would think he or she has two left feet. Automatically, you would think this person is eating sweets, potato chips and all sorts of junk food all day long to keep all that fat on their body. This is true. This obese person can change by switching to a more healthier lifestyle by adding physical activity to their life and eating healthier foods. What we eat impacts our whole life, so shouldn't we try to change the whole concept of 'You Are What You Eat?'

Think about the time you wake up. Those who think of food the first moment they wake up has food on their mind all day long. This person can change that by thinking about something else like God. Starting your day off with a prayer or something else besides 'whats for breakfast today' can keep your whole day on track. Away from all the junk food to sticking with 3 meals a day and snacks in between if you so desire.

Plan your meals in advance. Know that you will have a healthy pizza, salad, or sandwich for lunch. There are so many healthy recipes online. Take advantage of those websites. You can also do this for dinner too. Soon you won't even notice that you are changing your lifestyle and those pounds will melt off in days and months. Who knows maybe in your next Christmas party people will see the new you.

Be active. I know for a fact that a bored mind is a devils mind. Some people eat because they are bored just to keep them preoccupied. Find a hobby. Bicycle. Paint. Draw. Write. Read. Play an Instrument. Hang out with friends. Doing something keeps your mind off of food. Then when you hear that stomach growling, that is your signal to eat.

These tips help me when I'm trying to become healthy and lose weight. I find these tips useful and I hope you find them. My blog will now be a variety of things ranging from tips on anything that have helped me to book reviews to stories and poems. To those who have been reading my blog, thank you.

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