Saturday, 22 January 2011

School Starts

I started school back. And this week was good. It went by fast and I got to see alot of people from last semester too. There are also some new faces too, but some do seem friendly. It those that laugh at the professor that I won't associate with. Kind of rude, don't you think?

I"m trying out something new on my blogger too. I will also keep you all updated on my life too. Not that much though. I wouldn't want stalkers. But I will say some things like this. I don't know who follows me, but those who do I'm sure you would be curious as to what I do and what I'm like.

I have already so much homework to do. I have all this reading from each class and assignments to do with it. Geez, these teachers sure don't give us a break. But we can't blame them. Since we did get a week more of break. And I didn't have a hard time adjusting to school either. I was ready to tackle it with all my strength and go back to my classes. I'm usually always prepared for class. I never have adjusting. It's the studying and reading textbooks that I have a hard time with.

Oh well, I'll keep you all posted later. Right now I go study. Later, everyone.

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