Friday, 4 March 2011

Welcome to the World Uncorporation

Guess what? You will meet people who will not want to work with you. People who refuse to say yes you can do this but I need you to do this. Nope! They want to fill their pockets, so they will find ways to make you pay so they can go home and buy a BMW while you ride that raggedy old Nissan or whatever.
I met such a man today who refused to cooperate with me. He said, "you could do the study abroad program or go to a university in US to study Japanese." I made some proposals, but refused all of them. It's not my problem that you don't have a professor to teach Japanese. They're job is to give me what I want because I am paying them to teach me. Seriously if it wasn't for students, teachers would not exist. On top of that, he treats me like crap.
"I don't think you're understanding me. You will either have to do study abroad or study at a university here." That is not how you answer to students. He couldn't be any nicer. There are better ways to say no than to say that and say no. If he wanted to say no, then why waste my time and make me wait just to say no.
I didn't say anything when I left. I just left his office saying I need time to think about it. Oh and by the way, when I left his office, he said I should get a rich uncle to pay for my education.
Now after hearing all that, can you guess how I'm feeling?

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