Sunday, 6 March 2011


Evermore was one book that I wanted to put down, but could not because I wanted to know what happened next. The writing was not that bad, but the main character, Ever, was annoying. I just wanted to get inside the book, shake her and tell her get a grip. You lived. Your sister needs to move on and Damen is the best thing that has happened well besides her aunt. I wanted to tell her to embrace what she has right now and to cherish it, but Ever is bent on playing woe is me part. I may sound insensitive while saying that, but the truth is Ever seems to finds faults in everything she does. Ever seems to want to shut herself out of her life because she has these powers. Her psychic powers. She should consider that a gift and help other people with it instead of shunning it out. I am deeply troubled with Ever and her actions. I hope she improves in the books to come.
I also found the beginning of the book a little slow. It took 3/4 of the book to get to the exciting part where we find out Damen is an immortal. The story definitely needs work and some action has to come in halfway through the book, but what I did was I just stuck to the book and read it. Then once I got passed the 3/4 mark. The story picks up and now I get to see some action, so the thing is readers will have to force themselves to stick to the book until they don't find out Damen is an immortal.
I won't say the writing is bad. Alyson noel goes into great detail in providing the scene for the party and details of the house. Her book is not heavily on dialogue. It is there, but the there are descriptions and she does showing instead of telling. So I would say pick this book up if you have the tolerance to deal with Ever like I did.

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