Saturday, 23 July 2011

Isabel taking Wing

Isabel shows us that taking wing isn't always about stepping outside of the boundaries but taking responsibility especially when people need it the most. She reminds us that anyone can do anything. You don't have to worry about whether you're a boy or a girl. Freedom and adventure is something anyone can have whether you're a boy or a girl. 

Isabel grows up with an older sister, a younger sister, a couple of maids, and a father. Isabel did not like living the life of a girl. She did not like staying at home, sewing(forgot what term the book used), and doing the household choirs. Isabel dreamed of freedom and adventure. She wanted to go out and do the things boys do, so one day she goes to the Theatre with one of the maids she had befriended. Isabel becomes awestruck with acting and the Theatre. She daydreams about being on stage. But when her father hears about her late night adventures, he sends her off to live with her aunt, Aunt de Vere, who is her mother's sister. On her way, she gets robbed and the driver is killed. She's left alone in the forest. Then there in the forest she discovers the actors from the Theatre, so she travels with them. There she finds out that the life of acting is not her life, so she goes back home. The actors drop her off at her Aunt De Vere's mansion. And the surprising thing is that becomes very happy. There she learns about the uses of herbs and how a girls life doesn't have to about sewing and choirs. It can be more fulfilling and she also learns just how much strength female's can have.

Annie Dalton writes a splendid novel about a girl living in the late sixteenth century and how they lived their lives. She recreates the desire that the girls from that century might have had and puts all those desires into Isabel. A girl who wants a little bit more freedom and a desire to her life to the fullest without worrying about the fact that she is a girl. Annie Dalton creates a character that takes wing and brings everyone along for a ride.

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