Friday, 29 July 2011

Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger

Emily is real strange. She's a girl who loves darkness, spying, cats, writing in her diary, coding, skateboarding, and playing her guitar. It's kind of strange combination of hobbies for a girl like Emilie. She is anything but boring. Maybe anti-social, but not boring. She doesn't like humans. Real strange for a human right? Emily is really clever for her age.  Maybe too clever for her age. To manage a cloning, duplication as the book worded, on her own and not to mention making her golem is something. Boy, she really can be dangerous and a handful. I found the character interesting and spunky especially for her age. At first, I was blown away with the character. I thought, "wow, what a girl. I kind of wish I was like her." Well not the black wearing, boring, skateboarding kind, but the keep away from humans kind, but then again life would be boring without people, right? Then when the duplication experiment succeeds, she finds her evil twin too much to handle. Then she starts living in a sewer in fear that her evil twin would kill her and that is the evil twins intention anyways, but that threw me off the rocker. I lost a little interest once she started to cower out of fear. I found that the real Emily should have come up with a clever plan to get herself out of this one instead of hiding. I understand that the hiding thing is important, but it lasted too long in the book. I was kind of expecting more, but in the end I was happy that she was able to get rid of the evil twin and move away since she had caused a lot of trouble in the new town already. Overall the character did bring everything to a good ending, so I'm happy.

I found the plot half way through the book boring because I wanted the real Emily to come up with a good plan instead of hiding from her evil twin. I expected more from this story since Emily was interesting. The beginning was great. I loved knowing everything about Emily and wished I could do some of the things she could do, but the plot became too boring for after she runs away from her evil twin. The hiding thing lasted way too long, and that made the plot slow down alittle, but then it picked up after Venus Fang Fang started to train so I wasn't too disinterested in the story. Nevertheless, the plot does need work in the book, but it ended well so I don't have too many complaints.

This book is worth reading because Emily, the real Emily, will leave you with more than just her evil twin. This book will leave you awestruck, laughing and pondering way after you are done with Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger. Perhaps, you might walk away with wanting to be a skateboarding, black wearing, trap making, diary writing, and guitar playing Emily the Strange.

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