Thursday, 4 August 2011

Generation Dead

I cried at the end of this book. I cried heavily. I couldn't stop either. The fact that Adam said I love you just before he passed away (and then came back to life) got me all worked up.

It was a pretty typical story with the jocks being all airhead and stuffy with one slight difference. Adam who is a part of the football team. He was different because he loved Phoebe who is a goth, and not many football players go for girls like Phoebe. Phoebe is pale who loves anything related to death, sorrow, and darkness. What gets interesting is that Adam has the hots for her. He is always with her. This story at the end brings Phoebe and Adam together with sadness and death. Both characters are interesting in their own ways and you would have to read the book to get a more in depth look at the relationship between Phoebe and Adam.

Death plays a deep role in the book. The fact that the death of Adam might bring Adam and Phoebe together plays a huge role towards the end of the book, but it leaves us hanging at the end. We will have to read Kiss of Life to see what happens to Adam and Phoebe. This story is interesting because love is bringing certain teenagers back from the dead. They aren't quite living but they aren't dead either. As these teenagers are coming back to life, there are some people who oppose the idea that the dead are coming back to life. This issue leads to some unrest. These people who come back from the dead live their undead lives either being hated or loved. Some are getting burned and dying the second time and those that die the second time remain dead(I don't want to give too much away because then it would defeat the purpose of reading the book).  The author, Daniel Waters, writes a story that gets deep inside our souls and helps us ask ourselves what death really means. Does death mean a new beginning or is it the end of everything?

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