Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Karma Bites

Franny is a nice girl who just wanted her two best friends, Kate and Joey, to get along and she wanted her world, her life and school, to be at peace. Then her Granny shows her the Hindi Help Box and from there Franny starts to make wish after wish and then things spiral out of control leading to a major disaster.

Franny, Karma bites.

However, Franny tells her grandmother the truth after she was found breaking and entering her Granny's friends apartment (Franny was after the box because her Granny had let her friend borrow it). Things go back to the way they were and Franny learns not to mess with the universe and its magic.

I have to say. Franny was starting to get on my nerves. Her endless wishes were annoying and the whole breaking and entering thing was just icing on the cake. I am not to impressed with the story because Franny is an A+ liar. Throughout the story, Franny lies to cover up tracks so her grandmother doesn't find out that she has been using the Hindi Help Box. Now I don't know if being annoyed with Franny is a good thing because the author does manage to get an emotional response out of me. However, that doesn't make me like the character. I know people are not perfect but lying is just wrong especially since she was trusted with this secret box. She's twelve years old and I know that. She has no understanding nor the maturity to handle such secret and her actions do portray that. I don't know about you, but I'm not liking Franny. Even though the end turned out to be good.

I would recommend reading this book if you like drama, laughter, love, friendship, school cliques, Granny and a whole lot of  craziness. 

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