Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Girls Don't Fly

Some girls just have it hard. They have to juggle school work, part-time jobs, boys, drama at school, and more drama with boys. Myra is one of those girls who has that on her plate and more. Myra is a smart, pretty and hard working girl. She is also known as a doormat. She does everything you tell her to do. The first love of her life dumps her in the beginning of the story, but later become a rival in a competition for a trip to the Galapagos Island. Myra also has to babysit her 4 younger brothers and work part time as well, but then her older sister comes home pregnant and left behind by her boyfriend and that complicates Myra's life even more. Moreover, the competitors teacher, a grad assistant from a local university, has his sight set on her. He thinks Myra has the potential to win this competition more than the others. Now Myra is more determined to get out of her house and fly by winning this competition.
We don't see these kind of people as senior high school students, usually characters like these are parents, college students, or someone else, but not a high student. The strong characterization and intense plot really pack a punch in this story. There isn't a single moment in this book where your mind will wonder or your eyes will droop. You will constantly be rooting for Myra to get through her day and win that competition so she can sock it to her ex boyfriend. You will say at the end that girls can fly and they can fly high.

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