Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Kate and Mary are two sisters who love and care for each other more than anything in this world. Kate is the smart, talented and the oldest one. Mary is talented and loves to paint just like her mom. Both grow up in a perfect home with a mother and father. However, a couple of years later the sisters father dies unexpectedly and mother was already in a vegetative state before his death. Now all the responsibilities fall on Kate, but Kate just got accepted into Stanford. The university that her mother wanted her to go to. Now Kate must decide whether she should stay back and take care of her mother and sister or go to Stanford and fulfill her and her mother's dream. 

The sisters relationship in this novel is real touching. Readers will continue to read this book wanting to know what Kate decides because we know that she is caring and not heartless. Kate does come off as heartless and selfish, but she isn't. Kate is the most 3 dimensional character in this novel. Mary is somewhat of a quiet character. She speaks up when her aunt decides to think Kate is heartless. I wasn't impressed with Mary, but Kate is definitely interesting. She grows a lot in this novel. The author definitely works on Kate and makes her a character worth taking the time to see how she grows at the end and tackles some real tough decisions. 
This book hooks the readers right from the prologue. Readers will want to know what Kate decides; even though, we know the answer is obvious. A real gripping and heartbreaking read where the readers are hurled into a laundry full of boys, faith, hard decisions, love and growth. Time tests these girls where they have to decide what they want to do with their mother and what to do when they find out they will lose their home. The author will take the readers on an emotional coaster ride where it stops at an ending that was unexpected. This book deserves to be picked up and read knowing that you won't stop until you don't see what happens at the end.

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