Monday, 3 September 2012


Hayley has always wanted to be a cheerleader, and through her hard work she makes it into the varsity cheerleading squad. However, Hayley finds a lump in on her leg and sees it getting worse as she practices more. After the doctor's diagnosis, Hayley finds out she has cancer in her leg, so she goes through a massive surgery that gets rid of the cancer along with a bone, but now Hayley has to go through chemo and radiation to complete the recovery process. Once that was over, Hayley goes back to school but now she has to deal with the side effects of chemo, a bitchy captain, and a boyfriend who is not liking the side effects. Will Hayley's positive attitude be enough to keep herself together to get through the side effects of chemo and continue to cheer while dealing with the impact of the surgery on her social life?

Hayley's strength and spirit is strong. She almost made me want to be a cheerleader. Hayley should be an inspiration and a role model to everyone. She survives her cancer and does not let the side effects of chemo get to her. She continues to cheer and smile even after going through the surgery and losing all her hair. Not only that, she does not let her captains bad attitude get to her. Nor does she let her losing her boyfriend towards the end get to her. Her positivity and spirit is contagious.
Radiate is based on a true story where the authors daughter survives cancer. Readers will admire Hayley's positive attitude and her passion for cheerleading. Once the reader finishes the novel, he or she will be left with three words in their mind: Dream, Discover, and Explore. A recommended and inspirational read for those who want to radiate just like Hayley.

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