Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Lying Game Book 3: Two Truths and One Lie

Things are really heating up now that Thayer has arrived in the scene, and Laurel has decided to show her true self,  her vicious self. However, this means that Emma's life is in more danger than ever. Who could have killed Sutton? Thayer or Laurel? Both seem to have good motives, and Laurel's reason to kill Sutton puts her on the spotlight more than Thayer. Laurel has begun to hate Sutton (Emma) more than ever, and she is the prime suspect on Emma's list, but is she the real killer, that is the question.
Emma's life has turned upside down since Thayer has entered the scene, and Laurel hatred for Sutton has turned her into an ugly person. She will find every reason to get Emma, and nothing has stopped her up until now. She does not plan on forgiving Sutton (Emma) any time soon. Also a new shocking twist in the story of the night of August 31st has turned the case completely around. It seems like Thayer had come to meet Sutton and was attacked by someone driving Sutton's car. However, Thayer saves Sutton and gets hurt in the process, so they call Laurel to help them since the killer took the car with him or her, but Sutton decides to hide in order to avoid conflict. This new shocking twist in the story has bought Emma back to square one. Now Emma must find out who was driving Sutton's car on that night before the killer gets to her.
Emma seems to be playing the blame game. She is putting the blame on someone, and doesn't seem to be thinking rationally through this. The story just seems to be stretching more and more with putting the blame on someone, and I'm just waiting for something big to happen. Something that will take us closer to the killer because as of now I don't feel like I'm getting close. The author brings us back to square one every time. However, we do find out what Sutton was doing on that night. That is one good thing, but they are just some puzzle pieces. Honestly, I'd love to see Sutton trying to communicate with Emma in some form or fashion or something that will start Emma connecting with Sutton more because I am getting tired of seeing Emma and Sutton separately since Sutton is inside of Emma. Nevertheless, Thayer has made everything interesting, and I can't wait to see what lies and truths are hidden underneath the night of August 31st.

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