Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Lying Game Book 4: Hide and Seek

Laurel sure has it in for Emma now, and it looks like Garrett is using this to his advantage to get his revenge on Emma for not sleeping with him. Things have taken an ugly turn. Now the tables seem to be turning and pointing to  Laurel for the death of Sutton. Also Mr. Mercer was also at the scene of the murder hiding a huge secret from his family as well. In Hide and Seek, Emma come face to face with those who are hiding dirty secrets from her and Sutton's family. 
Laurel's transformation was something. She went from being sweet and nice to being vicious and evil over Thayer, and we all know that Thayer does not like Laurel in the same way that she does. Seeing this change in her could make anyone think that she killed Sutton.
Hide and seek uncovered a ton of secrets and shed some light on some touchy issues for Emma. It does seem like someone is playing Hide and Seek with her or is disappearing in and out of her life sporadically, but Emma doesn't know if that is a dream or if its real. We also see Mr. Mercer  hiding a big secret from his family as well. A secret that involves Emma and Sutton. Hide and seek raises the bar on the Emma in who could be the killer because it just might be someone she would not expect.
I would highly recommend The Lying Game series to everyone because this is the real story of Emma and Sutton, The real Lying Game, and not what is on ABCFamily. I will say that I do watch the show but now I just don't enjoy it as much as I do the books. I cannot wait for more of the The Lying Game series and would certainly like to see Emma get close to Sutton's killer and end this game of Hide and Seek. 

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