Friday, 14 September 2012

Best Friends for Never

Massie is back once again in Best Friends for Never with her killer style. Claire is still trying to get into the Clique, and she might be succeeding at this point. Dylan and Kristen are fighting over a guy, and Alicia is friends with Mrs. Plastic Surgery, Olivia Ryan. 

Oh, these girls lives are never calm. Something is always going on inside the Clique and this time best friends might not be forever. 

Readers must applaud Claire's determination to get inside Massie's clique. Although, it seems like not only does Claire want to get inside her circle, but it seems like Claire is starting to look up to Massie. Claire is seeing that being inside Massie's circle will be privilege that she will have to earn, but will she be able to make it if the guy that Claire's likes is also liked by Massie. The question to ask is: What is Claire willing to sacrifice in order to get inside Massie's circle?

Great read for teen girls because most will relate to one of these girls. Every character in here is different in their own way, and its this variety that is making everything interesting and confusing at the same time. However, it is these confusions that are keeping the story moving forward making us want to read more and find out what happens at the end. 

The author, Lisi Harrison, writes this story in a way that it makes us want to be a part of the circle and go shopping to all these fabulous stores and boutiques that these girls frequent. Lisi Harrison draws her readers into these girls lives by writing a story that everyone can find someone to relate to and include all these perks in order to increase our hunger for the story. No wonder The Clique series is popular. A definite reader for those who want best friends for ever.

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