Sunday, 23 September 2012


I read this book in two days. I will say up front that it is a recommended read for those people who want fantasy, romance, adventure and some action.

Wendy doesn't have anything redeeming going on in her life. She has this creepy guy staring at her and she get people to do things even against her will with just constantly repeating she wants this person to do. But Wendy's life changes. Soon this creepy guy who has been staring at her, starts talking to her. Her brother and her aunt are shocked. Wendy actually has a guy interested in her. However, this guy is here to take her back because to her real parents because Wendy is not your average teenager and there are many people after her who don't look too friendly. Now Wendy has found out her true identity and is not happy because her real mother is a cold and cruel woman who has not yet hugged her lovingly. 

I found the pacing of this story pretty good. There wasn't one boring moment in this story. I was constantly thinking I hope Wendy and Finn have a happy ending in their love story because of this new complication. I am all on Team Finn. The author has done a splendid job in creating the characters as well. Matt is her host brother and he is the dream older brother that any girl or guy would want. The people at her real home are all real nice as well, besides her mother and another older man who just seems a little perverted at the ball. However, Finn comes in and saves the day. What a hero!

Finn is also the hot, dreamy guy any girl would want. He sweeps Wendy off her feet and makes out with her. He is also well build and looks great in a tux, but he is also a bodyguard and a great one at that. He protects Wendy at any cost, even his life. He is there for her whenever she needs saving. He has never left her side, and this makes for also a great relationship between them as well because Wendy feels protected in his arms just she does in her brothers. Finn is a great guy but he does everything the Queen says and this does bother me alittle and it does Wendy as well. 

I will try not to say too much but this book is great and I can't wait to read the next one in the Trylle series, Torn.

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