Saturday, 29 September 2012

Revenge of the Wannabes

Massie is a good friend. 

I didn't realize how much Massie cares for her friends until this book. Those who she likes and can make it into her circle are loved by her. However I must say, she really does like her crown way too much. She cares way too much about being the IT girl than just being a good friend. Nevertheless, this is Massie Block and she is who she is. 

In the Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie sees her crown slipping when Alicia decides she wants to be the alpha and not the beta. Claire finally gets into the Pretty Committee and her friendship with Massie is stronger than she could possibly ever dream of. Everyone's secrets are out in the open and Alicia gets cut from the Committee, but then Alicia forms her own clique with Olivia that will rival Massie's. But does Alicia's clique have what it takes to beat out Massie's? Will Alicia become the next IT girl crushing Massie's crown? 

The story started out strong, but got a little boring in the middle. I found it a little boring because half the time I was expecting Claire to find out that Massie was just jealous that Cam didn't like her, but that didn't happen 'til the end. I was also expecting Massie to compete with Alicia in seeing whose clique is better, but that never happened. It just went about the girls lives. The only good that happened was Kristen's secret was revealed to the girls. It started out strong and ended powerfully. I was going to drop the book but didn't because I wanted to know if the girls get back together and find out if Claire gets Cam, but I did like the ending and was left with a feeling of wanting to be a part  of their group.

I would definitely recommend reading this book because in order to see the girls are evolving  one must read all the books in the clique series. Yes, the girls are evolving and changing and its mostly Massie that I have noticed. Let me know, if you think any of the other girls have evolved as well. Revenge of the Wannabes pits the real clique against a wannabe clique and shows us that not everyone can be a part of the Pretty Committee because there is one Pretty Committee and if anyone tries to form their own the Committee will have their revenge on the wannabes. 

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