Monday, 3 September 2012

The Garden of Eve

After Eve loses her mother, she becomes very quiet. She secretly cries while living in the woods with an old lady and a supposed "ghost" for a friend. Neither of them seem to what it takes to make Eve smile. Not even her dad has been successful in that, and her "ghost" friend does make her happy but not genuinely smile. However, a bunch of seeds changes her life. Eve plants the seeds that Maggie, the old lady friend, gives her. Eve and her friend watches the tree grow real fast because supposedly these seeds were from the Garden of Eden. Eve and her ghost friend enters the tree and finds that they can create things from their imagination. Can Eve finally have her wish fulfilled and live with her mother again? 
K.L Going writes a fiction that brings tears to your eyes once the reader finishes the book. Eve finally reads her mothers letter and it so happened that she had become acquainted with the mysteries stories surrounding Maggie's family, the curse, and Rodney. Rodney is Maggie's brother who claims that they had lost their baby sister after she had planted the seeds. It was the loss of their baby sister  who was also named Eve that triggered the town to lose their apples. Truly this story is about the Forbidden Fruit through and through. Readers will surely remember the tale of Adam and Eve and relate Eve, the protagonist, and Adam who turns out to be the name of the supposed "ghost."
The author weaves the story about Eve around Adam and the apples into a modern tale where the Forbidden Fruit is not a source of grief but joy. Readers will gain a new perspective into apples growing on trees as a source of life and not the Pandora's box. A must read for all you tree, apple, Adam and Eve, and life lovers.

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