Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My, oh my. Wendy is in love with Loki. Goodbye Finn, hello hot and sexy Loki. Gosh, Wendy is lucky.

Wendy is now married to Tove and ruling her Trylle like a queen because her mother is sick. Also now Wendy has learned that she has to kill her father in order to restore peace back to her kingdom because he has just wiped out a part of her kingdom. She also attempts to make peace with her father just so he will stop this bloodshed. Moreover, Wendy and Finn are officially over. 

Wendy surely has grown a lot since she got to Trylle. She has taken over her role and has found her love as well. She is willing to sacrifice herself to keep the peace in her kingdom, but no one is willing to let her sacrifice herself in order to maintain the peace. Wendy has gotten stronger as well and has made great decisions in life. I respect Wendy now more than I did before. 

We also got to see a softer side of Elora, Wendy's mother. She has shown more affection now than before since she knows she's dying, so Wendy and her mothers relationship has gotten stronger as well. Elora is no longer cold or anything. I understand Elora and why she was behaving like that with Wendy before. She's a great mother and I hope that Wendy can rule like her mother and possibly better. 

While I expected more in the last battle, I still found the plot of the story well plotted. I did want to see more action and see more of Wendy's powers since she was suppose to be strong, but all we got to see was her use her power to make her father cower in fear. Still, the story had a nice ending and I found that her choice of Loki was great because Finn couldn't give her what she wanted. Finn also found his love as well. I hope that Amanda Hocking continues to write more because I will definitely read her books.

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