Monday, 24 September 2012


I am just devouring these series. I have read Torn in a day. The Trylle series is addicting. Make sure you have time on your hands if you decide to pick up this series.
I have changed teams. I am now on Team Loki.

I love Loki's character. He's flirty, mischievous, and has the personality traits that Finn doesn't have. Loki has guts, spunk, and character. He makes any girls heart race and smile. I looked forward to reading Loki more than Finn because Loki isn't giving up on Wendy and it seems like Finn is. Loki makes Torn real interesting because Torn is full of training and let downs. Loki is great, and I know he will get Wendy in the end because he's willing to take the risk and fight for Wendy. 

Finn, on the other hand, has been a disappoint. I can see their relationship crumbling. All that is left of  Wendy's and Finn's relationship is kissing and making out. What a shame. Finn hasn't fought for Wendy. He's too duty oriented to do anything. Not that its a bad quality but it seems like Finn wants Wendy and if he wants her, he going to have to fight for, but he doesn't. He just stands there and gets jealous when Loki flirts with her. 

Torn takes everything up a notch. For one Wendy has gotten mature, and she learned a great deal about her mother and father. She is also training with Tove to become a powerful Trylle and Vittra since she has both bloods in her. Finn is not fighting for Wendy anymore, and nor is he encouraging the relationship. He's taken a step back, but at the same time Loki has taken a step forward and is now flirting with Wendy. He has broken  into the palace just to see Wendy. Wendy's got her maturity when she learned that she is the only one who can bring her father down and stop him creating utter chaos. The stakes are now much higher and Wendy has to make a decision that is good for her people, but she is Torn between Loki and changing and crumbling feelings for Finn.

I am now on Team Loki because I must admit I'd love to flirt with him if I was in the book.

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